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  1. ibanezfan1

    What is your favorite amp?

    My Carvin Legacy I head will be with me forever, but I recently picked up this Orange Rockerverb 50 MK III and WOW, what am amp. It has demoted my PRS MT-15 to travel backup amp (perfect size for that).
  2. ibanezfan1

    Dang Velas...

    Love Davy, love my Vela.......
  3. ibanezfan1

    New (Used) 2008 Mira Day

    So took the Mira to band practice last night - Holy Cow!! This is the "...where has this guitar been the last 20+ years..." :( Reading online, I was kinda worried about the pickups and/or neck dive. But I had no issue with either last night. Pickups are very articulate and punchy when I need...
  4. ibanezfan1

    New (Used) 2008 Mira Day

    All - thanks so much for your replies!! This guitar is simply amazing. I just put new strings on last night and may have to restring before band practice Thurs. ;) I am kinda new at slide playing, but we have a new original song where I'm playing slide. Was using my Gibson SGJ for the slide...
  5. ibanezfan1

    New (Used) 2008 Mira Day

    I meet up with a super nice gentleman in VA today and am now the owner of this incredible 2008 PRS Mira (Core). I just restrung her and did a set up - sounds amazing!! Bodie Basement pics: The PRS Family Photo We have a problem pic!!
  6. ibanezfan1

    Anyone using attenuators?

    I have been using the SPL Reducer for a few years now. The Legacy head is a beast and the attenuator has really helped out for live/home recording. The blue tape is to prevent me from accidently changing the impedance instead of the volume knob :(. Bodie
  7. ibanezfan1

    Vela case

    This case has held up pretty well for me with the weekly trips to band practice and the average 2-4 monthly gigs (we used to have). The Vela body fits perfectly in the case body cavity and the guitar doesn't move at all. Probably not the most durable road case, but for me, does the trick...
  8. ibanezfan1

    Attenuator ?

    I have been using the SPL Reducer for a while with my Carvin Legacy head (which is VERY loud and has no master volume) and it works very, very well. No external power source (like my old Bad Cat did) and ohmage selection . Bodie
  9. ibanezfan1

    Back to the MT15

    I think I finally have my MT15 dialed in for a tone that I really like. Some off notes here and there, but really feeling it last Sat night :). Hope you enjoy the video. Blessings, Bodie
  10. ibanezfan1

    Hard case for a Vela?

    I have this one for my Vela and it's been pretty reliable so far - Bodie
  11. ibanezfan1

    New MT15

    We'll after a few more shows, I've decided that the MT15 just isn't for me :(. It's a great metal amp for sure and and I can get close to what I'm wanting in our band, but in the middle of our last show, I just knew that it's not really the tone I want. So I plugged back into the Legacy head...
  12. ibanezfan1

    New MT15

    Gary - The Orange CR120 head is pretty different than the PRS MT15. It's scaled more for classic rock to stoner-type rock (sludgy rock). The PRS MT15 is much more modern sounding, but unlike some of the other lunchbox heads I've heard, very clear in the note definition. The Orange head & cab...
  13. ibanezfan1

    D'Addario Auto Lock Guitar Strap?

    I was one of the beta testers for this strap and the strap they sent me would not fit over my PRS strap buttons. But worked very well on all my other guitars (Fender, Gibson's, etc.) Bodie
  14. ibanezfan1

    Does your MT15's loop suck too?

    I just received my MT15 a couple weeks ago and so far, I have had no issues with my effects loop; it's very quite and I don't detect any desegregation in signal and/or volume. My signal path is guitar > Audio Technica wireless > TC electronics 3 tuner > CAE wah > front of amp Effects loop...
  15. ibanezfan1

    New MT15

    We'll we had our 2nd practice last night with me using my new MT15. I'm really enjoying it, a lot!!! Now we are not the best musicians :) - but we do have fun playing with the band. I wanted to post for you all to display the tones of the MT15. First song is "Mary Did You Know" (our...
  16. ibanezfan1

    New MT15

    Hey guys, thanks so much for your replies. I have been way behind on keeping our site updated, but I'll try and post some links below. We are currently finishing up our 3rd original songs CD (going back to the studio at the end of this month). First six songs were all Legacy but I'll...
  17. ibanezfan1

    New MT15

    Well I just received my new MT15 and have admit, I was a little skeptical. Playing in a Christian Rock Band, and most of the video's for this head, in drop tunings & super heavy chugging, I was very skeptical if this would fit well in my band. But after the first 30 min, very, very impressed...
  18. ibanezfan1

    NGD - 2017 PRS Vela

    Thanks to everyone for your replies!!!!! Great group of people here for sure :) We'll I had my first practice Thurs with the Vela (and brought the CE too). First impressions - amazing playing guitar. I was able to get the action very low/comfortable with no fret buzz and the intonation is...
  19. ibanezfan1

    NGD - 2017 PRS Vela

    Thanks!!!! I agree - gold is not my preferred color either and this one kinda just fell in my lap for the trade, so I took it :) :) And the color has kinda grown on me too. This guitar has a really cool vintage vibe to it. I really won't be able to test it out until next Thursday (band...