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  1. rbert0005

    SE Silver Sky Knob Height

    Lift it some more. End of issue. Bob
  2. rbert0005

    Wood Shortages and inventories

    No one is “required “ to post on an old thread. The idea is to read it and get what you need from it and move on. Bob
  3. rbert0005

    Wood Shortages and inventories

    Zombie thread
  4. rbert0005

    New pickup day

    Sounds just about right :-). Bob
  5. rbert0005

    Se silver sky.

    There are a gazillion versions of Strats. You would have to choose which version you want to compare to the SS. Bob
  6. rbert0005

    Slippery Knobs

    I took them all off and bought some knurled knobs from reverb. Much better. Bob
  7. rbert0005

    Core model tuner woes.

    I’m fine, but it’s been hard for me to stay out of the hospital this year. You? Bob
  8. rbert0005

    PRS Tuner

    They tell me I have 2 replacements on the way. Thanks for the tip. Bob
  9. rbert0005

    PRS Tuner

    Really? I have 2 duds, I guess I should contact them. Bob
  10. rbert0005

    Tried the SE Silver Sky today.

    I liked mine so much I traded it for a Player Series Tele. Bob
  11. rbert0005

    Core model tuner woes.

    Normal. It’s called backlash. That’s why you should always tune up when tuning. Bob
  12. rbert0005

    S2 Standard 22 2019

    Are you sure they are 85/15s? Seems to me there were S2s with 58/15 pups in them and they went to the 85/15s around 2019. That would be a nice bonus. Bob
  13. rbert0005

    Silver Sky SE factory setup measurements

    It’s on the website. You should leave the screws on the bridgeplate alone.
  14. rbert0005

    SS SE truss rod covers

    Where are you guys getting your replacement covers? The stuck ones are pretty blah. Bob
  15. rbert0005


    Get the surgery. The sooner the better. You will wonder why you waited so long after you get it done. I had mine done over a long weekend and was back to work on Monday. As a toolmaker I had to use my hands, as well.
  16. rbert0005

    Does anybody know the fret dimensions of a Silver Sky SE?

    I did it for you. .051 x .095
  17. rbert0005

    Custom 24 replacement pickup recommendations

    Just picked mine up today after having a set of Seth Lovers installed. Bob
  18. rbert0005

    McCarty 594 Nut

    So what’s to keep you from rounding it over yourself? Needle file or just some wet/dry paper. Bob