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  1. dprather


    Many moons ago when I was studying classical, my teacher had me play (mostly scales, sometimes pieces) with the left thumb completely off the neck, just held under the fretboard. He was forcing me to use less of a 'vise grip' by proving you don't have to push on the strings nearly as hard as you...
  2. dprather

    David Grissom on his DG Custom Amp Settings

    I can only say "he didn't at the clinic a few years ago" - I asked him whether he messed with it at all when switching between bridge and neck pickups, he said it was pretty much just left on 10 all the time. That evening he used a 25th Anniversary amp, so that could affect the guitar...
  3. dprather

    Can anyone recommend between a PRS DGT 2009 Nitro Goldtop, or a 2013 burst model?

    You might notice more volume drop on the earlier DGT's, there were a few resistors added to the tone knob later that help even the output between the humbucker and single-coil modes. Visually, the pre-V12 models will show wear and scratches more easily, but that is cosmetic and personal...
  4. dprather

    57/08 ?

    The 57/08's are my absolute favorite of the PRS line, and can handle anything for me outside of high gain settings (but that's not what I play most of the time). I have some very early ones in a nitro-finished 245 and they have noticeably lower output than the TM etched set in my pre-V12 Cu24...
  5. dprather

    PR "Less" Experience 2014 - It's On!

    Wish I could make it, but I'm going to have to wait for next year.
  6. dprather

    Show me your Purple PRSi, Past or Present.

    Here is my Shawn&Skitch refinish - not as fancy as the others, but it is still one of my favorites.
  7. dprather

    NGD: Brushstroke 24 in Blood Orange

    That maple is unreal!
  8. dprather

    Brushstroke 24's

    Love it. The PG is one of my favorites, although the brushstroke inlays are a little polarizing I'd expect these will sell fairly quickly.
  9. dprather

    NGD Fire Red Burst Custom 22

    That color grows on me more every time I see it. One or two more like that guitar and it might be my favorite finish! Congrats on the guitar, definitely do not put anything in writing.
  10. dprather

    Private Stock Friday

    Anything purple sparkly is awesome.
  11. dprather

    NGD - PRS my second one. WOW

    Great choice! The neck pickup split gets some great sounds, combine it with the bridge on full and you're close to heaven. Enjoy!
  12. dprather

    Need SC245 opinions and advice

    Good choice! One of my best friends is a Les Paul fanatic and brings a few over almost every weekend to A/B them with my 245 (older nitro model with a one-piece bridge and 57/08 pickups). His "Collector's Choice" (at more than twice the price) edges out my 245 by the teensiest bit, all the...
  13. dprather

    Time to get real. Forget looks, post a pic of the best sounding PRS you now own.

    I don't have any really good photos of this one, but it's the guitar non-musicians always told me sounded the best after gigs at the local bars, and my Gibson loving friends bring over their LP's to see if they've tweaked and changed enough to stand up to my 245. (Jesus says you have to love...
  14. dprather

    DGT pups: not punchy?

    What amp are you using, and is it loud enough? DG isn't exactly 'whisper quiet' when he plays. There shouldn't be a lack of 'punch' from the pickups - Is the guitar absorbing a little extra vibration? Sometimes it takes a lot of experimenting to find the right guitar/pickup combination...
  15. dprather

    The Thread That We Post Purple PRS In To Torture JustRob.

    This is a different kind of purple... (Originally blue, this is a PTC repair and refinish.)
  16. dprather

    Best Sig Club TRC yet!

    You're reminding me that I don't remember when mine needs renewing! My Sunday will be spent trying to find my expiration date...
  17. dprather

    NAMM Picture thread!

    It looks like a Paul's Guitar with a trem at 1:10? I could really tick off the neighbors with one of those...
  18. dprather

    57/08 59/09 Test?

    I've found the OCD to be pretty transparent as well, just dial the gain down and the volume up. The Timmy is another option. I haven't tried the TC Electronic Spark booster, but I've read good things about it.
  19. dprather

    P 22 Pics please

    Thanks, it's my "Shawn's Specs" guitar. I don't make decisions well, so I just went with his recommendations when I ordered it.
  20. dprather

    P 22 Pics please

    I don't actually have any decent pics of this one, somehow... mine is a 10-top with the IRW and 53/10's. I'd probably prefer the 57/08's but since the 53/10's are hard to come by these days, I'll keep trying to get used to these. (every once in a while they seem magical, other days I just can't...