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  1. jimfisher

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    I've owned this one for about 20 years! Sold these over the years and hoping someone sees these and knows where they are now:
  2. jimfisher

    Prs premium gigbag?

    I've used my PRS gig bag with my Hollowbody many times with no issues at all.
  3. jimfisher

    Anyone prefer .009's ?

    I split the difference and go with 9.5's a long time ago.
  4. jimfisher

    Christmas cookies!

    Every year my wife makes a batch of 'gum drop cookies' which is basically an oatmeal cookie with chopped up gum drop candy. Now that she's sensitive to gluten....they're all mine!!!
  5. jimfisher

    Who has the oldest Private Stock?

    Paul: "What do you want for it?" You: "Make me a Private Stock" Paul: " You're going to have some more for that!"
  6. jimfisher

    Who has the oldest Private Stock?

    Holy crap Jamie, I remember that day sitting in Paul's office well....was it really 22 years ago???? Want me to tell the 'whole' story again? o_O
  7. jimfisher

    Private Stock Friday

    Ooof! Me want.
  8. jimfisher

    Private Stock Friday

    'F' Hole Friday......:cool:
  9. jimfisher

    Rattling volume pot

    Try removing the knob again and sliding a small rubber o-ring down the shaft to eliminate the play.
  10. jimfisher

    PRS SC-J

    May be right. The pics in the other thread show the pickup selector on the lower bout of the JA, and same for the SC-J, but who knows in PS! This body shape doesn't look like a normal HB though.
  11. jimfisher

    PRS SC-J

    Looks like someone may be building a Private Stock one (pic from yesterday)?
  12. jimfisher


    Mine has Grover locking tuners, and a core PRS nut. Here's a video from when I bought it (Chris you still around?) that was heavily modded and has Zex Coil pups installed too. He put it back to stock when I bought it.
  13. jimfisher


    Congrats, the stoptail EG is a great sounding/playing axe for sure. Back when I was gigging mine I found that all 5 pickup positions were really useful and it seemed to stay in tune all night. Hope you get a good one! Jim
  14. jimfisher

    Neck reshape

    My first thought would be to call John Ingram (Orkie) and run it by him. He was, after all, one of PRS's first employees and I understand that he's still doing some of their endorser work.
  15. jimfisher

    Newbie questions re Silver Sky or Zach Myers.

    Since you mentioned Clapton and Gilmour and they play Strats....the SS fits right in that territory.
  16. jimfisher

    Private Stock Friday

    As always.....the mighty Hollowbody rules the day!!
  17. jimfisher

    Hollowbody w/ Archtop PUs - Volume control treble rolloff is too much

    I had a 180 pf cap put on my HB Spruce's volume pot years ago and it made a lot of difference, I'll bet the 220 would be even better.
  18. jimfisher

    How to safely clean black stains off white silver sky

    First, I'd suggest that you find out exactly what the finish is. If it's poly, you might try some denatured alcohol......but not if it's nitro! You might call PRS customer service with the serial number and then ask for their suggestion. Best of luck with it, Jim
  19. jimfisher

    Private Stock Friday

    Wowza on that one! Looks like the CNC machine needs a little calibration though....:cool:
  20. jimfisher

    Not a PRS Question - anyone using Consumer Cellular. Thanks

    If you happen to have an AT&T phone, or one that's unlocked, check out PureTalkUSA. We've been with them 1-1/2 years and get great reception everywhere we go. In our area they use AT&T towers but that ight be different in others.