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  1. rschleicher

    What do you drive?

    My daily driver is a 2010 Subaru Outback (white, like the one that is off to the side in the OP's picture...) It's fairly loaded as far as Subaru's go (a 3.6R Limited), but still a very utilitarian vehicle. For fun, I also have a '59 Corvette, which I've owned since 1981. (Silver with black...
  2. rschleicher

    Artist Guitars- PTC

    Awesome Junior Marvin photos and video. My wife and I went to Jamaica on our honeymoon in 1978, when there was still a fair amount of political unrest, but things were cool for tourists. I was already a fan of Marley and the Wailers, Peter Tosh, etc., but it was a lot of fun to poke around in...
  3. rschleicher

    Does it annoy or worries you, if you find some small dents/ scratch on your guitar?

    Stuff happens.... That said, whenever I'm playing I either untuck my shirt, or else move my belt buckle over to the side... I don't bother with my old (1965) Harmony/Silvertone, that has been banged around for 45+ years (and cost $89.95 when new)!
  4. rschleicher

    Wha' Happened?

    Not that there's anything wrong with that....
  5. rschleicher

    Easiest way to block a PRS trem?

    Another product that may be of interest is the Mag-Lok from Super-Vee tremelos. It's not really a trem lock like the Tremol-No, but more of a "trem resistance" device. Basically it has a small, strong magnet that resists the trem moving forward (down-bend direction), but has no effect on...
  6. rschleicher

    22 Frets vs. 24 Frets: What are the advantages?

    It's a small little owl, but an owl, nonetheless.... I'd like to think that this is how Nigel Tufnel would explain the advantages of a CU24: Nigel Tufnel: Well, it's an owl, isn't it? It's not the usual bird. You see, most blokes, you know, will be playing a guitar with just birds. You're...
  7. rschleicher

    Is anybody else here kinda creeped out by birds?

    I'm a big bird fan, and a non-serious, amateur bird-watcher. My favorites are the bird of prey. But at the other end of the size spectrum, hummingbirds are awesome as well. We have a couple of feeders and a bird bath in the yard, and have also tried to have a fair amount of flowers of the...
  8. rschleicher

    New PRS Book

    As a side comment, at their website you can either buy the book for $14.95, or subscribe for some period of time for the same price. If you are just interested in the price guide for a single model "family" (e.g., all of the Customs), a single-model download is $2.95...
  9. rschleicher

    Musical Instrument Museum - Phoenix AZ

    hanks for posting the pictures from the "MIM". My wife and I went there this past September, and it is an awesome museum. Although I enjoyed the "Artists Gallery", the Guitar Gallery, and the North American Gallery the most, seeing (and hearing/watching) all of the unusual "world instruments"...
  10. rschleicher

    favorite guitar solo?

    It really seems like more of an extended jam, rather than a solo, but the multiple guitars on "Keep On Growing" (from the Layla album) has always been one of my favorites. There's actually three guitar parts, at least some of the time. I had always assumed that one of them was Duane Allman...
  11. rschleicher

    What song are you working on?

    I'm an intermediate-player (maybe at best!), to put things in context. My teacher has me working on a variety of things related to the old jazz standard "Autumn Leaves - the chord progressions, as well as the melody, using arpeggios instead of the chords, plus some improvisational phrases to...
  12. rschleicher

    Why are so many people reluctant of PRS's?

    As someone who was shopping for my first "quality guitar" a little over a year ago, and who was only moderately aware of PRS guitars prior to that, I can describe my own thought process. First, I was looking for a versatile guitar, with my primary interests being mostly in the classic rock and...
  13. rschleicher

    A Conversation with Carlos Santana, Warren Haynes, Derek Trucks, and Paul Reed Smith

    A lot of the time, listening to a Carlos Santana interview, you're going, "What did he just say? What did it mean?". But in the end, it all makes sense. Being a Bay Area guy, he's a pretty big SF Giants fan. I remember listening to a game on the radio, and Carlos stopped in to the Giants'...
  14. rschleicher


    Of course the biggest practical issue with Gibson headstocks (or at least most of them) is that the combination of fairly large headstock angle (17 degrees, usually, I think), plus neck angle (relative to the body) means that if/when a Gibson Les Paul or ES-335 falls flat on it's back, the...
  15. rschleicher

    Paging Shawn.....or other technical issue experts

    A couple of comments: Putting the nut (as a whole) just very slightly closer to the 1st fret than the pure math would indicate, does help with intonation. It's easier to visualize this if you don't think of it as the nut being moved closer, but rather that the nut is where it's supposed to be...
  16. rschleicher

    Tuning ....even GC cant figgure this one

    One thing to keep in mind is that different steps of a full set-up can affect the prior steps. So some level of re-iteration is usually needed. Your intonation seems way off on the E (I think you said the high E, but perhaps not) and the A strings. In general, a good order for doing things...
  17. rschleicher

    2011 Custom 24 vs 2012 Custom 24

    To add a bit to the original question, yes, the only difference between 2012 and 2011 CU24s is that the 2012's have the contoured-bobbin 59/09s (or "squabbins"). There is one other possible difference, in that early-build 2011 CU24's were still using the Phase II tuners (closed back). The...
  18. rschleicher

    My strings are buzzing like hell

    I'm OK with a 2/32" string height for the D through high-E strings, but need to be more like 5/64" for the low-E and A. This is with 10-46 strings. I've also thought about using some form of "heavy bottom, light top" strings, perhaps 10-52, just to have a bit more tension on the low strings.
  19. rschleicher

    Top 25 "Desert Island" Albums

    I actually keep a "top 25 songs of all time" playlist on my iPod, which I modify slightly from time to time. But albums is a bit more complicated. But here goes. It's not in any sorted order, just albums as they occur to me, with some back-tracking along the way. Certainly it's not a ranked...
  20. rschleicher

    First live concert?

    Speaking of lame concerts (someone above mentioned seeing the Captain and Tennile....), when I was in college (I think 1974), my girlfriend (now my wife) and I were prevailed upon to take her little sister to go see the Jackson 5. It was in a "theater in the round" venue in the Chicago area...