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  1. sleary

    S2 Mods

    When I had my s2 cu24 , I put a set of emg het set in ..may it much more better for what I was doing. Unfortunately traded the s2 in however I'm in the hunt for another one ..
  2. sleary

    New Private Stock 6-string arrived...

    Smokin hot !!!
  3. sleary

    NGD x 2: Tremonti and 594

  4. sleary

    My DGT seems to be resonating more after a few months

    She was just being shy around you. Now she will sing a lot more . I found the same thing with my DGT and happily report that after 4 years of having her , she's a screamer lol
  5. sleary

    First 2017 NGD

    Thanks . I actually put it in to standard tuning and it's really good there as well . Loving it so far
  6. sleary

    Modded Tuners Day!

    Sometimes we also use loonies lol
  7. sleary

    First 2017 NGD

    I was pretty excited when this was first announced and had to get one ...yes had to lol
  8. sleary

    John Mann SE Phase II tuners

    Definitely want to buy some for my incoming Holcomb se or nickel works for me lol
  9. sleary

    NGD - 2017 PRS Mark Holcomb SE is in da house!

    My Holcomb is on order the new tuners
  10. sleary

    Taking a break

    I've been too busy to play. Between work , a new girlfriend , my daughter and in the middle of trying to buy a new needs to slow down just a bit. I went from guitar reviews to car reviews am sooo done adulting....
  11. sleary

    NGD: 594 from PRS Exp...

    SMOKIN hot
  12. sleary

    New Experience Guitar Day

    Smoking hot...
  13. sleary

    SE Mark Holcomb Speculation

    I keep hearing long and McQuade in Canada have 8 on the way....just sayin
  14. sleary

    NGD : My first Private Stock #4637 DC245 Paul's Guitar

    Holy crap that's amazing
  15. sleary

    Non-PRS instrument discussions??

    I've always been a Prs fan, since 86 I believe lol....after you posted your SE 24 , I'm like oh crap this is going to get expensive lol... I post here for Prs and there for Gibson ....keep it separate from each other . Don't want the girls to fight you know lol
  16. sleary

    SE Mark Holcomb Speculation

    Take my money now
  17. sleary

    NGD - 2006 Singlecut

  18. sleary

    PRS CE 24 Sweetwater Exclusive Guitar Demo by Sweetwater

    I keep seeing these popping up on a lot of sites and some NGD the look of that neck ....
  19. sleary

    NGD Custom 24 Faded Evergreen