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  1. You-S4-It

    Joe Walsh Signature???

    Several vendors are taking pre-orders. Brazzy board and Stainless frets on a PRS?!?! Yum-o.
  2. You-S4-It

    CE24 DW

    It's an add on Tone Vise Pitch Shifter which does the drop D for me. You still need a black box/ESP arming adjuster/tremel-no/trem stopper, etc. to keep the pitch close. Because the floyd is recessed down into the body pretty deep on the DW, I'm not sure a full length D-Tuna would fit in the...
  3. You-S4-It

    CE24 DW

    I've owned a lot of guitars including many PRSi and tend to be a singlecut guy but have to admit, this might be my favorite in overall smile per $ by a long shot. This guitar really surprised me as I had a bunch of 90's superstrats and even a similar Reclaimed Limited CE24. The neck is super...
  4. You-S4-It

    Where to place 9v battery in a PRS S2 Standard 22?

    I know I'm late to the party but I think the battery pack @Black Plaid mentioned was something that goes inside the control cavity (please correct me if I'm wrong). The external battery pack they have replaces the trem cover so no real need to gouge out the body. It's meant for strats (and they...
  5. You-S4-It

    Pickguard for PRS CE24?

    I haven't tried any of these but I think this is what you're looking for... People pay a lot for "relic'd" axes. o_O Enjoy the guitar, put some miles on it and good luck!
  6. You-S4-It

    SCT Singlecut Trem User club

    My very first PRS! (The crackwood that started the addition addiction!) 2006 satin SCT Artist. I didn't bond with the #7's so I went with 59/09's.
  7. You-S4-It

    Roasted SEs?

    Thx Shawn! I've taken quite a shine (pun intended) to my rosewood 594 and the clean feel. Would love all my necks to be more al naturel! I started with glossy, moved to satin and now, naked whenever I get the chance! :eek: @ Shawn - can you confirm the roasteds' are fully naked? No...
  8. You-S4-It

    Roasted SEs?

    ohhhhhhh kaaaaay. Semi-hollow , CE24, roasted maple neck, ....with TCI pickups and 24-08 switching! DEAL! o_O
  9. You-S4-It

    Roasted SEs?

    Europe only?!?!? Awww, C'mon Shawn! We Americans like roasting as much as anyone.
  10. You-S4-It

    Rubber band on push pull pots

    i sprayed my knobs with clear plasti-dip. It's not 100% clear (slightly milky) but definitely helps with the pull up grip. As I have both PRS and Gibby singlecuts with 4-knobs, every now and again, that slight tactile feel comes in handy when I forget which one's the tone knob in the heat of...
  11. You-S4-It

    Is a 20" Radius Too Much?

    My honest assessment is.. depends on what/how you play. Most of my PRSi have 12" standard radius. The Holcomb definitely feels flatter and maybe, combined with the flatness and the "sharper" edging/transition to the back of neck, seems a little more difficult for me to play full barre chords...
  12. You-S4-It

    OT: OMG... latest Axe 3 firmware 5.0 is UNREAL!!!!!!!!!

    Finally had the chance to upload 5.0 beta2 and concur. Definitely has more real feel and varying attack makes more of a difference. Slower.. with more intensity. It's Suntory time!
  13. You-S4-It


    Congrats on your personal “private stock” Brian! ;)
  14. You-S4-It

    Need pickups for my Chris Robertson

    I swapped my Robertson neck with an SD antiquities P90 and its pretty clear. Felt the original was a bit muddy as well. Even with some height adjustments, it wasn’t doing it for me. YMMV. Now it’s great for classic rock. Not sure what tone/style you’re going for. I love P90s and also have a set...
  15. You-S4-It

    Ordering new Truss Rod covers?

    Happy Holidays PM to you! Check your inbox.
  16. You-S4-It

    Solderless Cable Kits?

    Tried them all. Currently have George L and like previous comments, easy initially but over time, the screw caps do loosen (even with the black cover caps) or lose connectivity so its part of my routine board maintenance to check the threads/cables. One thing I haven’t considered is adding a...
  17. You-S4-It

    How many on here use modelers like Axe FX III/Helix/Kemper?

    My modeling career :p started with a line6 PodXT, moved to an AxeFx Ultra, over to an unpowered Kemper, then an AX8 and finally to an AxeFxIII. I still continue to use the AX8 for live work as the portability over the others is its true benefit. Use all of them with a Xitone cab powered by a...
  18. You-S4-It

    Humbucker Covers for Bernie Marsden Pick-Ups?

    I will assume you're overseas judging by your original post but these folks have quite a few options for you. I think the SE spacings are 50mm for the neck and 52mm for the bridge but double check
  19. You-S4-It

    TREMONTI pickups for my S-2 singlecut semi hollow

    I have both. 2 different animals with 2 different neck profiles so something to consider even before you plug in if you decide to switch. Are you happy with S2 neck profile? Tremonti's a bit thinner. As andy474x said, putting Tremonti pickups in an SCSH fixed bridge won't make it sound like a...
  20. You-S4-It

    Slash's Brazilian Dream

    This must have been Henry's last ditch effort for a golden parachute. ...Heard he finally got kicked to the curb after the approved Chapter 11 restructuring.