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  1. juka

    NGD! Rosewood neck goodness

    Had the impression that their IRW was getting lighter and lighter over the years, but this is a nice dark one. Congrats.
  2. juka

    bone nuts?

    I may have missed something, but after watching all those videos of Paul comparing nut materials over the years, I was under the impression that PRS's proprietary nut material was the best of all, hence the nickname "Unobtanium". So why and when did they start using bone nuts (again?) on their...
  3. juka

    This is pretty cool: Vernon Reid Signature S2 VR Vela

    As Paul himself always says at meet&greets: "Gimme your credit card and I'll built you everything you want!" ;)
  4. juka

    Older Singlecuts/250's/245's/SC58's/Ted's: Trash or Treasure?

    Had several SCs and liked them a lot. Looked great, played great, sounded great But as they usually are 1kg heavier than DCs (Customs, McCarties) my back started to prefer the later lately.
  5. juka

    Anybody knows which exact model this guitar is?

    It's a core Custom24 where Skitchy perfected his skills in retrofitting FloydRose trems right before he created my SCF ;) Not sure, if it's an actual paint job or if something went terribly wrong when he was routing the cavities for the FR :p
  6. juka

    Stock pickups on Core guitars

    PRS core guitars have probably the best stock PUs ever, great for a lot of different styles. But as I play mainly heavy metal, there are after-market PUs that suit my style much better. That's why I swapped out PUs on every single PRS I ever owned.
  7. juka

    NGD Custom 22 Rosewood Neck

    Congrats! Nice one! Solid RW neck and one-piece stop tail to me still are the epitome of PRS! I wonder how the thinner body will affect the overall sound and feeling compared to a McRosie. Will it sound thinner or will the RW neck take over a bigger proportion of the sound?
  8. juka

    Whats your favorite PRS/best of the herd??

    Although my SCF is pretty unique, I keep coming back to my trusty McRosie. Of all his creations to me that's the quintessence of PRS and will stand the test of time.
  9. juka

    Gen 3 Tremolo

    The Customer Support Center on PRS's homepage is always a great place to find info like this: "PRS Gen III Patented Tremolo. Offered in Core production via the "58/15" limited run in 2015. PRS Gen III Patented Tremolo with locking saddles. Offered through the Private Stock program beginning in...
  10. juka

    Any news on the future of the SE Custom 24-7?

    Yes, in their NAMM video Paul is pointing at a black SE Custom 24-7 and making a short comment, but at least for my old eyes it was too brief to see if it already had the new appointments. I find this discussion about the "right" scale length of seven string guitars very interesting because it...
  11. juka

    NGD - 2017 PRS Mark Holcomb SE is in da house!

    Sorry to hear that there obviously have been changes on one side or the other ;-( Modified 5 or 6 SEs in the past with these tuners and "back than" they dropped right in with no mods whatsoever. Good old times.
  12. juka

    NGD - 2017 PRS Mark Holcomb SE is in da house!

    Schaller backlocking tuners are a great update to an SE! Did this to all I had in the past. Congrats.
  13. juka

    Any news on the future of the SE Custom 24-7?

    Just speculating, but a 7 string version of the SE Holcomb would sell extremely well.
  14. juka

    Any news on the future of the SE Custom 24-7?

    Some online shops are selling the remaining black ones for 50% off :eek: That's why I'm very tempted, although I would very much prefer an amber / sunburst one
  15. juka

    Any news on the future of the SE Custom 24-7?

    8 is an odd number. o_O Why not 10 or 12??? :D Are you not tempted by the heavy discount the remaining stock is offered currently? :rolleyes:
  16. juka

    Is this a common observation (SE Mark Holcomb)

    Ah, ok, sorry for the misunderstanding, wasn't clear to me from the pics and what you wrote at the beginning. So the TRC lies flush before you insert the screw and as you tighten the screw it moves up, right?
  17. juka

    Any news on the future of the SE Custom 24-7?

    Title says it all. The SE Custom 24-7 remained on the PRS homepage, but unchanged. Big online dealers either have them "out of stock" or are selling the remaining black ones heavily discounted. Should I get one while they last or is there an update on the horizon?
  18. juka

    Is this a common observation (SE Mark Holcomb)

    So maybe the new nut is a little bit thicker than the original nut?
  19. juka

    Is this a common observation (SE Mark Holcomb)

    Hmm, did the black nut come as stock? On all pics I have seen so far the '17 Holcombs all came with white plastic nuts?!?!
  20. juka

    Private Stock Friday

    24 frets, Stoptail, great top and color. Who has ordered the PS of my dreams???