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  1. _pete_

    Incoming NGD Hollow be thy name

    Yep, the CE has the same setup as the hollowbody. Before that I had a CE22 with a Graphtech Floyd Rose and an Edwards Les Paul with a GraphTech tuneomatic. Before the corona, I was just starting to put a group together with my old bassist from a Rush tribute band. Maybe next year we'll get it...
  2. _pete_

    Incoming NGD Hollow be thy name

    Glad you like it!! (yeah I was the seller) It is a really nice guitar but yeah, I think the live playing is done for a while. The CE24 in my avatar also has a piezo so I really didn't need two. I also run the piezo through acoustic IR's (with a Helix instead) .
  3. _pete_

    Se eg players ???

    I had one and loved it. It had EMG SA pickups and sounded great. I'd love to get another some day.
  4. _pete_

    PRS Model Survey

    '95 CE24 '96 CE22 '00 Singlecut
  5. _pete_

    PRS CE body width?

    12 7/8" at the widest point. I measured my 95 CE24 and my 96 CE22. No idea on the new CE24's but they 'should' be the same.
  6. _pete_

    Show Us Your CEs!

    My favorite CE is my 95 CE24. It has a Graph Tech piezo, Dragon 1 bridge pup, McCarty neck pup, and Planet Waves locking tuners. It's got some nice natural relicing going on and plays & sounds like a million bucks. It's the one guitar I have thatI know I will never, ever sell. My other is a 96...
  7. _pete_

    SE Mods

    I've done that (on a few SE's) and yes, the jackplate does not cover the holes from the football shape plate. Here's a pic of my old Bernie SE:
  8. _pete_

    Tuning problems PRS CE24

    John Ingram told me the same thing, particularly with the winged locking tuners. Tuning down to pitch cured the problem on a CE24 I used to have. Also, having the bridge blocked for down only can also hurt tuning stability. I've found floating PRS trems to be much more stable. Check that the...
  9. _pete_

    Is a tuner change absolutely necessary on SE models

    The stock tuners are fine. In fact just about all stock tuners are fine. Tuners have a worm gear on the tuner button and a pinion gear on the post. The pinion gear cannot turn the worm gear. Any "slippage" is almost always in the string wrap on the posts. If there is any slop in the gears...
  10. _pete_

    Seeking advice on modding a pickup set

    Installing covers is a simple job. This vid from Mojotone shows you what to do.
  11. _pete_

    Goldie MKII

    With so many nice guitars, how can you be cantankerous? She's a beauty, I love goldtops!
  12. _pete_

    Uhh... Is The CE Back For 2016?

    Moving Pictures was in 1981. That album was done with a few Strats, an ES 345, and an ES 355 Alex played CE24s and started using them about the time of the Roll the Bones album.
  13. _pete_

    Uhh... Is The CE Back For 2016?

    I, for one, welcome our new CE overlords.
  14. _pete_

    SC245 tuner options

    I put Gotoh locking vintage tuners on my Singlecut. It took all of 5 minutes to swap them. They replaced the originals exactly and I can swap back if I ever need to (I don't know why I would though).
  15. _pete_


    Me too. Dimarzio Clip Lock straps are the first thing that goes on whenever I get a guitar. Been using them since the 80's and never, ever had an issue with them. I have had Dunlops and Schallers fail.
  16. _pete_

    Pawn shop CE22

    Won't work. A PRS neck is the only option. They do turn up on Ebay once in a while but are usually pricey ($400-$500). For the price of the guitar & neck, you could grab a nice, intact, CE22 or CE24.
  17. _pete_

    Dragon 1s vs \m/ pickups

    You, my friend, have a bad pickup or a wiring problem. Dragon 1's sound pretty much opposite of how you just described them. I have D1's in a CE24 and a CE22 (used to have a Singlecut with them also) and they are not remotely 'Stratty" or thin.
  18. _pete_

    The Punishment Fits The Crime

    Huh? The trem on mine is just fine. :)
  19. _pete_

    NGD!! 2000 PRS Singlecut

    Keep looking, you'll find one. I paid an obscenely low price for this one. The deals are out there but you gotta hunt them down.