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  1. slev

    NGD McCarty PF-09 and some questions

    Thanks for all the info guys. Knew I'd get some good feedback here. I'll check next string change. I'm curious now.
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    NGD McCarty PF-09 and some questions

    That's it minus the Santana head stock and push/pull coil split. Interesting, may be more of an oddball than I thought. The satin nitro finish is very cool I must say.
  3. slev

    NGD McCarty PF-09 and some questions

    Just picked up this excellent McCarty PF-09 in a trade and I am amazed by the tone. I've had other McCartys, DGTs, and 5708 equipped PRSi but this is hands down the closest thing to "the tone in my head" that I have played. This one came w/o the hang tag and the deal was not with the original...
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    No words....
  5. slev

    Letting go of a PRS has never been this hard...

    One in one out GAS is a real bummer to live with.:dontknow:
  6. slev

    NF3 is awesome!

    This in spades.
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    Paul Reed Smith ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    This has been an amazing social experiment and has really raised the profile of ALS. My brother-in-law, just turned 41 today, is battling this insidious disease and the more focus we can put on it the better. It's about as bad as it gets for a terminal disease and really needs a lot more...
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    PRS pickup replacement for an older Custom 24

    5909s rock in a 24 fret guitar. Had then in my CE24 and they were awesome, great tone, rich harmonics, very thick and tight sound with an overdriven amp. The DGTs will be different, not that different but maybe more midrangy would be the best way to describe them. This is all to my ear and...
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    Lonely Is The Night

    LLB ROCKS! Good stuff, whatever happened to Billy...Oh right, MTV.
  10. slev

    BB Preamp, Suhr Buffer, DG30 & Thanks To Aristotle!

    The BB plus is a staple in Andy Timmons rig, he's actually got a sig model now I believe, and, that guy has an unbelievable tone.
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  12. slev

    NGD - 305 and Archtop

    Love that 305! Very jealous, nice score.
  13. slev

    NGD:Custom 22

    Excellent! Giving me RW neck gas.
  14. slev

    In praise of the Studio

    Nice, I've had two at different times and both were awesome.
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    NGD! This one is a keeper...

  16. slev

    NGD Fire Red Burst Custom 22

    Stunning! Love the fire red burst finish. Miss my CU22.
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    NGD: PRS Brent Mason

    Nice! Love the tones out of that one.
  18. slev

    Am I the only one here that can't play guitar?

    Pick an easier song! Get some confidence, nothing wrong with getting your confidence up on a three chord classic like Highway to Hell!
  19. slev

    NGD: SC-58 in Faded Blue Jean

    Amazing! What does the maple neck do to the tone?
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    Am I the only one here that can't play guitar?

    That is fantastic. Sounds like the the way I play it!