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  1. eclecticsynergy

    Let's see those McCarty's (All variants)

    Here are my two. Not fancy compared to many in this thread but I love 'em. An '06 upgraded with 57/08s. Amazing, vintagey 3-D tone, just sounds like drinking bourbon & playing the blues til dawn in a smoky club. Seductive, hypnotic, and highly addictive. I named her Lilith. Miss Scarlet, an...
  2. eclecticsynergy

    Fact resistant people

    In the strictest sense the amp is not all tube... It has transformers, capacitors, resistors, pots and wire too. But to call it solid state is just pain dumb. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, sure. But not their own facts.
  3. eclecticsynergy

    Korina McCarty to replace a Gibson R0 Les Paul...

    Sweet! Very pretty indeed, and those are indeed highly sought after. I have kind of a thing for korina guitars and own six, ranging from an '82 Moderne to an all-black-limba McNaught. A trans red '07 korina/Braz in is one my favorite PRSs.
  4. eclecticsynergy

    It it possible for a tuning issue to be "unfixable"?

    Sometimes people who don't know PRSs - occasionally even a clueless luthier - will mess with the six bridge screws when trying to adjust the action. The bridge screws should never ever be touched. They need to be perfectly even or there can be problems without any obvious cause.
  5. eclecticsynergy

    If you name them, how do you decide?

    I used to feel it was pretty self-important (or at best, really corny) when I'd hear about players naming their instruments. Then in '87 I encountered a very special PRS with so much personality that not to name her would've been almost an insult. Within a few years, all my guitars had names...
  6. eclecticsynergy

    If you name them, how do you decide?

    One of my Floydcasters is named Fronkensteen.
  7. eclecticsynergy

    Updated List of PRS Pickup Specs

    I only drop in on the forum once in a while these days; resurrecting this thread again with my take on covered vs uncovered. Do covers make humbuckers darker or brighter? Yes. Yes, they do. I see it this way: even high quality covers can dim a tiny bit of treble, particularly the high airiness...
  8. eclecticsynergy

    Finally ... I completed my pedalboard

    Images aren't showing, and right-clicking Open Image In New Tab just goes to a Google sign in page.
  9. eclecticsynergy

    HELP! Honeymoon seems to be over...

    I used Formby's lemon oil for decades. Still have half a bottle left in the back on a shelf somewhere. Yes, commercial "lemon oils" are really just mineral oil with lemon scent but they work well enough and they don't build up. When buying linseed oil for fretboards always be sure to get boiled...
  10. eclecticsynergy

    The Great 'Red' Guitar Thread

    Adding one more that's only half red, just because it's kinda unusual. A Backlund Model 400 - my son calls it the Jetsons guitar. Big fan of John Backlund's designs; the mid-century futuristic look really strikes a chord with me. I bought his Model 100 also. Named this one Janet Air, after the...
  11. eclecticsynergy

    The Great 'Red' Guitar Thread

    Thanks man. In the right light her finish is downright luminous. Fantastic feel, too. I love a korina. It adds a little extra snap to the voice yet korina necks have that lively, slightly elastic feel. Not at all like the hardness of maple. I bought a Moderne in' 82 and since then korina...
  12. eclecticsynergy

    The Great 'Red' Guitar Thread

    A little late to the party, Miss Scarlet - all korina, with an old growth Brazilian board, marked "for USA only." Coupla non-PRS... Redstone - a good, honest workhorse Orville long tenon quilt top in custom raspberry, with matching headstock & gold hardware. Never seen another this color...
  13. eclecticsynergy

    The Brown guitar thread!

    These are my browns. Yellow tiger looks fairly brown too, and varies depending on the light. John Suhr built this Floydcaster for me in 1980 when he was working out of Rudy's on 48th St. Originally tangerine, over the years the nitro has darkened and now it's basically metallic brown...
  14. eclecticsynergy

    Do any of you guys have multiples of the same guitar?

    I have multiple Strats, Les Pauls and Teles also. But all are individuals in terms of character and very few have the same pickups. In my PRSi there is some overlap - the DGT is not too unlike the 20th Anni CU22 yet they have very different personalities. Also have two McCartys but one is...
  15. eclecticsynergy

    PRS Trem question.

    One very important point - even with the strings slack, do not adjust the six mounting screws!! As stated upthread, each has a pivot point just below the head which mates to a knife edge in the bridge baseplate. All six must stay perfectly aligned with each other or you risk messing up the trem...
  16. eclecticsynergy

    My guitar hero (longtime PRS user) has gone away - painful

    I've always thought of him as a Melody Maker guy myself. Back in the 70s, Heat In The Street was one of my favorite albums. Great stuff. Covered a few of those tunes with bands.
  17. eclecticsynergy

    New Guitar Day: Wood Library Custom 24

    Man, that's GORGEOUS!!
  18. eclecticsynergy


    +1 on the Tone Press. Blend knob makes all the difference. I agree it might be worth having a comp to use just for singlecoils.
  19. eclecticsynergy

    NGD, orange guitar swap

    Thanks guys, I'm really happy with it. I have inadvertently wound up with a bunch of orange guitars... I do love the color but never intended to collect a bunch. The top on that McNaught looks great in good light... and one relic partscaster in progress