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  1. Axis39

    Pickup recommendations

    Well, Hendrix used an SG on Red House. So, I would expect your twin humbuckers and short scale, with 24 fret neck should do it in spades. Fuzz and wah into a Bassman or Marshall amp cranked up and you're there.
  2. Axis39

    Flat Wound vs Nickel Wound Strings - Experiment Over

    Man, PRS and flats, huh? Yeah, that's me! LOL I actually switched to flats on almost all of my guitars a little over a decade ago. At the time, I was playing my Gretsches a lot. I tried D'Addario Chromes first. Hated them from the get-go. Kept reading about these Thomastic-Infleds...
  3. Axis39

    What’s your opinion on using a Private Stock as a main instrument?

    I play my '58 Twin out.... I used to play my '68 ES-340 out. I play what makes me feel good about the way I sound, or feels good to my hands when I'm playing. I don't think of price tags. If I thought of price tags, I doubt I'd ever buy much in the way of music gear... LOL
  4. Axis39

    Does this guitar make me look fat?

    Yeah, wait till she starts calling you 'Old Man', like my son has... The little bastard. I remember the first time I ever saw or played a Gibson ES-140... The little 3.4 size student semi-hollow. My buddy walked up, I pulled it in front of me and said, "Does this guitar make me look fat'...
  5. Axis39

    Your Favorite Vintage Amp

    I love the King of All Amps.... My 1958 high powered tweed Twin. 80 watts of tweed juiciness on tap for any situation. I restored it a few years ago. It originally came to me like this:
  6. Axis39

    Mira with P90s

    I had a set of the first version P-Rails and this was my experience. All three sounds were okay. But, nothing that excited me or motivated me. That pretty much cured me of any desire to find an 'All-In-One'. I am now of the same mindset as DogRocketP, I want guitars that each do their own...
  7. Axis39

    Wireless thoughts

    Only if you don't bring cables with you... If the wireless fails, you just swap in a cable. Isn't that the same as if you had a cable failure? Honestly, chances are, if I'm using a wireless, I'm bringing cables... in case batteries die, in case a transmitter dies, etc. If I'm using...
  8. Axis39

    Wireless thoughts

    When I'm home, I still do use cables. If I was in a studio, I'd use cables. On stage with the rest of the band? Nobody out there hears any difference in tone! LOL But, that doesn't mean there isn't one, nor will I ever put anyone down for sticking with cables, for any reason!
  9. Axis39

    Wireless thoughts

    Here it is: Wireless Case
  10. Axis39

    Wireless thoughts

    I am a fan of the G30 system. Standard 1/4" cable was a huge, huge factor in my original purchase. The battery door on the transmitter is, however, a huge PITA. It is flimsy and a bit disappointing. I picked up a little neoprene bag for wireless transmitters. It has a couple of little...
  11. Axis39

    NGD SE Santana

    Don't feel bad about those changes, to that guitar, at all! I have one of the yellow '17 SE's. I loved so much about the guitar... Except the pickups. So, I spent about 1/2 of the buy-in price (I got mine used) on just custom pickups. Then went with good pots and stuff, too. Now, it is...
  12. Axis39

    Flatwounds on a Zach Myers SE?

    I may have run some nut files through the slots to size them properly. Although, honestly, I can't remember. I use the Jazz Swing 10's. So, not a huge jump in size. But, sometimes I still need to do some touch ups. But, I use 10's on everything (except my Resonator) these days and am used...
  13. Axis39

    Flatwounds on a Zach Myers SE?

    They haven't even caused the mildest friction on my Santana SE.... But, I use Thomastik Infled Jazz Swings. They may be too cool to cause an explosion?
  14. Axis39

    Unset a neck before refinishing?

    Despite the assumption I'm a Catholic.... Honestly, why would you pull the neck? That seems like adding more work that's unnecessary. If you want to preserve the body, cover it well before you work on the guitar. I have nothing negative to say about you restoring that guitar. In fact, i...
  15. Axis39

    Back to the drawing board...

    I feel all of y'all's pain! LOL A few years ago, I moved across the Country. I left a four-piece electric band and an acoustic duo. The 4 piece was making inroads into regional success and the acoustic duo was with an internationally known, multi W.C. Handy award winner. We were touring a...
  16. Axis39

    Anyone tried to slap some P90s in a SE Zach Myers?

    I put Zhangbucker HB sized P-90's in my Santana SE, and will never go back. I had a double cut LP Special 2 rod magnet P-90's. I loved the sound of it. But, the neck was a touch thin, front to back, for me. The Santana is it's replacement, but I missed my P-90S pickups. I contacted David...
  17. Axis39

    Limited Edition SE Santana Abraxas

    I'd hit that. Although, no way I can justify a guitar with the same specs and stuff as one I already own, even if it is black.... Price ain't terrible. Especially if I look at some of the stuff the big companies are putting out for a lot more money these days.
  18. Axis39

    Ratcheting F clamps for repairs?

    A clamp is a clamp. Glue and wood don't care what the clamp looks like or how it mechanically functions. Long as the pressure is there.... **edit** - Also, too many people use too much clamping pressure. All you need is 'just enough'. You want a little squeeze out, but you don't want to...
  19. Axis39

    Humbacker sized P90's

    Every little detail matters! But, I do love mine!
  20. Axis39

    Santana SE - noise issue

    Mine had the Santana S pickups in it when I bought it. Dead quiet. As far as I know, there's no funky wiring, either. Just a three way switch, volume and tone. Good luck on #2! :)