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    1999 Custom 22 Pocket Markings

    That would be "good boy with the extra's" at least that's what it says in the "unofficial guide from those who know nothing about PRS's" lol
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    1999 Custom 22 Pocket Markings

    Hi, I hope this is ok to post here. I've been curious about PRS and decided to get one. Apparently they started making lefty's in 1999 so I see a lot available for that year. I'm into playability, dynamics, tone so wasn't too picky about looks, inlays, etc. But when I get something, I am...
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    Introduce yourself!

    Hey y'all. About to get mine next week. I'm a lefty so it's hard to find good guitars. Found a 1999 Custom 22 in vintage yellow, bought unplayed, from a guy who sold me my LP and I have some trust in. So keeping my fingers crossed. I love my LP's crunch, but I'd like something with...