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    Refreshing UPS Tracking…

    I have a "Wednesday by 7pm" from UPS, and yet I still check every couple hours.
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    I'm impressed with his .006 relief; 1.25mm, 1mm action / string height.
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    Shocking action!
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    The 594 McCarty

    What does yours weigh?
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    Had an unfortunate mishap this weekend (battle scars!!!)

    Looks like it hit every branch on the way down... Sorry for your accident.
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    Anybody else playing pickleball?

    Ok - good callout. What I meant as a first comparison of "skill range" is referring to tennis skill. In tennis, players can usually have good, fairly competitive play with others that are 0.5 rating above or below them. Any more than that and the skill/style difference doesn't really work...
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    Anybody else playing pickleball?

    I'm a competitive 4.5 tennis player in Texas. Pickleball is absolutely exploding around here. Don't know how much tennis you're playing, but PB is shockingly fun and incredible how it allows more skill range to be on the same court, compared to tennis (where you can pretty easily tell the...
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    Private Stock Friday

    "What?" you ask.... well, obviously these are metal feathers plucked gently from giant robot bird of prey, then used to craft this beauty.
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    Private Stock Friday

    Is this melting metal???!!! This one will clearly go to 11.
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    Question about finish on 2021 CE24

    Is this the Faded Gray Black?? It looks almost purple-y in the pics above. Looks great to me - enjoy.
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    Question about finish on 2021 CE24

    I LOVE my 2020 CE24 semi-hollow, and I'm surprised I enjoy playing it more than my Core McCarty 594 SC. Funny how guitar parts can just come together in certain ways to make them connect with their players.
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    NGD - Custom 24 Antique White

    Play Pigs in Zen!!!
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    Chrome Silver Sky Superbowl half time show

    Wrapped, rapped, or sprayed?
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    Your Favorite Vintage Amp

    And bought a c And bought a captorX so I can actually enjoy it at home!
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    Your Favorite Vintage Amp

    Not like all the previous posts, but my claim to vintage fame is an original '87 (that I bought in 1987 with $725 of hard earned high school money) marshall silver jubilee 100w head 2555, serial number 0316.
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    PRS 85/15’s or Suhr Thornbuckers?

    They split incredibly well in my opinion. Very single coil-like.
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    I have the brugera. For $99 new it worked great for a 100w marshall. For lower wattage amp, that has an effects loop, it's worth checking out the JHS little black amp box. These suggestions based on assumption you'd rather spend less than more.
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    Help me find?

    Thankfully it showed listing ended, because I got a big itch to buy.
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    PRS 85/15’s or Suhr Thornbuckers?

    I have a ce24 85/15. Love it! So many tones/options. I also have a suhr pt signature w/ thorn+ bridge and thorn neck. Love it! So many tones/options. Sorry this doesn't help but I love talking about both these guitars.
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    Out With The Old, In With The New!

    Cool upgrade