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    Premier Guitars Review Of The Archon

    Thanks for posting this, Corey.
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    Core or CAD 'Son of Archon'???

    Sounds great at bedroom volumes. Agree 100 watt setting sounds best.
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    Prayers, Mojo, whatever you believe in...please think of HippieTim!!!

    My deepest condolences. Mojo sent.
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    spectacular is right. Congrats
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    NGD - Pernambuco

    Gorgeous Guitar Gian. Congrats.
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    Belated NGD

    Killer chevy!!! But I had you pegged as a Ford man.;-) Congrats
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    Yo Jesse! Where's my Coupon? NGD At Last!!!

    Sweet axe. Congrats
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    Incoming: I'M (wal)NUTS ABOUT THIS TOP!

    Thats amazing. Congrats
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    CU22 in the house :)

    Nice! Congrats
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    Happy Birthday Rugerpc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday
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    Happy Birthday JMintzer!!!

    Happy Birthday.
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    NGD - But not the one you think

    Very nice. Congrats
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    FYI ...

    Fwiw two of the nicest people who I met at this years Experience were Rugrpc and Markie. Just sayin....
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    NGD: PERNY Content!!

    Pernys are the bomb. Congrats
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    FLAME ..... on

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    FLAME ..... on