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    Custom 24 Floyd trem block size

    Did you figure out? I have the feeling it is 32 but need confirmation.. I don't have my guitar any close to check myself :(
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    time for more work on the PS 408...

    Hey man, would you share an image of the cavity to see how installation ended up? I want to install a trem stabilizer in my CU24 Floyd but the cavity is not even and I do not see how it would be possible.
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    Alternatives to tremol-no for blocking off floating trem on the go?

    As the tittle says. Are there any alternatives out there? I am looking for a device to totally block/unblock on the go like the tremol-no. Please refrain from suggesting any stabilizer like tremsetter etc or blocking devices that need tools or are semi-permanents. My issue with Tremol-no is...
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    Gigging Guitar Dilemma

    Man, nobody here has mentioned "insurance"? Have you consider it?
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    Tremelo springs and Tremelo things

    The tremol-no wont make you screw into the body of a 3K guitar, it is very non-intrusive in that sense. The other solutions discussed here will. Have you looked at the Tremmory?
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    5-way switch - position 4 & 5 question

    This is quite easy actually. See image attached.
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    Which tuner buttons for Holcomb SE

    Check this out.
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    PRS Metals Too Much

    Maybe it is a bad comparison (Active vs Passive bla bla bla..) but apart from stock sub $500 guitar's pickups, I have only owned EMG's 81,89 and TW's which could be considered "premium" pickups. And while I think they sound good for certain styles (mostly metal), the PRS \m/ takes the sound to...
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    PRS Metals Too Much

    I do not know but I love how the \m/ pickups sound in my PRS floyd. Best guitar sounding I have and cleans are great too. But again, I have been exposed to too few different pickups so perhaps I have not discovered heaven yet :)
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    NGD: CE24 Floyd has landed!

    @21Hemispheres12 Do you know if the Floyd bridge is an Original Floyd rose made in Germany or the 1000 Series made in Korea? Not sure if you have seen under the bridge for this. I noticed that the word "Original" is missing from the product page.
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    why didn't anybody tell me?

    Man, you can try to get a CE model. It is right in between a core and the S2 line, they retail for $2000 but if you are persistent enough and email as msny dealers as possible, you might get a very nice deal that will be closer to your budget ;)
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    Re-plating hardware options. Advise!

    Hi folks - I have a CU24 WL Floyd with Black Nickel hardware and bridge. I am looking to install Graphtech Piezo Floyd saddles but I really really want to keep the original Mojo / finish of the guitar so my only option is to re-plate the Graphtech saddles as they do no make them in the finish I...
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    Fretboard Conditioner reccomendations

    Is there any product to clean the grime from fretboards without actually moisturizing it? I hate seeing the dirt in the grain of the fretboard but I do not want to overcondition and damage the fretboard by using fretboard conditioner to clean the board.
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    MODCAT Decoders

    Good to know. Thanks!
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    MODCAT Decoders

    Hey fellas, I cannot locate my MOD CAT see below. My guitar is a Wood Library CU24 Floyd. That same ITEM number: WL0805_U3 appears on a sticker on the back of the hang tag. Any Ideas?
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    International flight - checking in a guitar case...

    That is very thorough. I would have added bubble wrrp under the external wrapping. The only problem I see with this is if TSA decides to inspect internally, they will use a box cutter and probably damage your case. I was very lucky 3 months ago to move my new WL PRSi from Miami FL to Dublin...
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    Why people use cars if they can walk? use calculators if you can use a piece of paper, pen and their brain? Use computers to automate tedious tasks if they can do it manually every single time? etc, etc.. Everything has it uses and sadly can be abused, but is up to us if we do it too...
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    I am pro tech and I rather the technology to exist and to be used as per your needs than keep living in the stone age hoping something existed. If you abuse of tech, well that is your problem. That would not take the merit away from truly skilled people. There are so many technology...
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    Tone Ninja parts for PRS SE

    Tone Ninja's supplier is, they do tell what it fits and not. Or you can buy directly from them depending where you are located.
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    PRS molded style Artist Case - Where to find?

    It would be great to be able to have one of these for your regular Core customs..