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    Stolen Guitars - Brian's Guitars

    Sorry to hear the news Brian. I will also keep my eyes and ears open for any leads. Hopefully, with everyones help you will recover them all.
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    My CAD HXDA with installed effects loop. Violin Amber

    Very cool amp! I know I love my HXDA. Congrats!
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    Wow is right. I would Love to be in a position to buy that!
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    Very late NGD - Blue Fade Quilt

    I saw that at last years Experience too!! Love that color combo....Congrats and enjoy!!
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    PS 4715 - Completed = Future NGD Coming!!

    I think its pretty cool the way it is. But if your on the fence about the stoptail finish already, then I would go with your gut feeling and change it. Oh yeah, Congrats!
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    Just picked up Private Stock #130 :-)

    Congrats! Smokin PS indeed!
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    Just got my Archon

    Very cool! Congrats, and welcome to the forum.
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    Both guitars are WANTS in my book! :congrats:
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    That is beautiful!! I really love the color choice and a single cut too! Very nice.
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    NGD for the Missus

    Really nice looking guitar!
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    NGD - PRS my second one. WOW

    Great Guitar!! Your gonna love the sounds that you can get out of it.
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    The Edward Van Halen (EVH) Prototype PRS; 1 of 2

    What a great piece of history! Congrats on a great find indeed.
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    PRS Dragon lll Indigo Quilt

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    PRS Pre-Factory #7 and #11

    Welcome, and thanks for sharing that great piece of history.
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    NGD: Paul's Guitar One Off

    Love that!! I am glad to see it with a Trem too.
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    No more MR purple! Pomegranite PS problems solved!

    That's great news Tag!! Should be interesting to see and hear the outcome when you get them back!
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    Americana birds

    Very cool variation of the birds. This is the first I have ever heard of them. This is a PS option you say? I defiantly like :rock:
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    Getting A Handle On The DG 30 Custom Amp

    Great Write up Les. You were able to put in words what I have not been able to do about this amp. It is very hard to describe all of the nuances of this amp IMO. I will be just as anxious to hear your demo clips as everyone else!!
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    2 x Amp = x

    Les, I wish I could give you some more tips, but it sounds like you are on the right path all on your own. I also really Love the way the amp sounds with a little bit of delay and chorus on the clean side. The clean boost is great for that searing lead tone. I am sure Aristotle has some...