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    Why Birds ????

    The brushstroke birds work really well.
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    Which of these three PRS guitars would you buy and why?

    Given the choice I'd go with the SC594.
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    2017 Summer Concert Anticipation

    I've added Roger Waters, Last In Line, and Morris Day and The Time to my list.
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    Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Commits Suicide

    engaging and interesting guy for me.
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    Paul's weekly "Guitar Talk"

    So much win in this thread...
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    2017 Catalog Online

    PRS builds and sets their prices for the guitars, amps and options. You get to decide if you agree with their valuation by making a buying/passing decision.
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    Anyone playing only/mostly PRS these days??

    Now I really can say my wife doesn't understand me.
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    Tim Pierce and Pete Thorn in the Studio

    I've been burning out on that famous English duo (who shall remain nameless) so this show is exactly what I need, combined with The Pedal Show from Dan at TheGigRig. Looking forward to the next episode!
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    Nicest forum on the net?

    In the nicest possible way of course!
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    Slayer Sunday

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    The PRS Lexicon

    With great knowledge comes great responsibility.
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    Why not many PRS in rig rundowns?

    We need to get these pagans back to the true faith!
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    The making of a Collection Acoustic Guitar:

    Pernie Maple Tonare Grand. BONKERS.
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    The Song Title Game

    Yellow Dress Locked Knees by The Chariot
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    Recommendations for an amp to complement an Archon 50 combo

    I really wish PRS would make the DG Custom available as a combo in Europe.
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    What's everyone playing this weekend?

    Working on a bottle of tequila tonight. too.
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    Summer concert anticipation?!?!?

    Anyone else a fan of Josh Martin/Little Tybee?
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    Who here has an obscene amount of guitars?

    Bass: 1 G&L 1 Ibanez Acoustic: 1 Rainsong 1 Ibanez 1 Yamaha
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    What do y'all do for a living?

    I'm an engineer by schoolin', and a tinkerer, and a jack-of-all-trades-and-a-master-of-fun. Literally.