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  1. jignant

    Mans best friend....the thread...l'll start...

    Our six month old Shelties - Luna and Wolfgang Worthy of mention is my Chihuahua Lacey whom I called Chalupa. She crossed the rainbow bridge a few months ago. She had a good 17 year run and was loved. I miss her healing ways...
  2. jignant

    NGD! Traded all of my Gibsons for 2 PRSi

    My Gibbies are a 1963 L7c, a 1977 Explorer non LE and a 94 LP classic plus. Nothing very new. I am not in the market for any guitars but if I were, it would only be PRS. The L7 was my Dad's and the Explorer I purchased in 1978 and I love the LP. None of these are going anywhere. Current PRS...
  3. jignant

    What started it all?

    1995 and a sunburst CE22 changed my guitar life forever. Perfect weight, pickups that covered overdriven tones so well and cleaned up so nice. A tremolo that worked perfectly and a myriad of rotary induced tones. That hard rock maple neck with it's satin finish that glides behind a fretboard...
  4. jignant

    Almost 500 members!

    Glad to be here!!!