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    Pickup wiring nomenclature

    I just bought a set of 57/08. I found the wires colors for the neck pickup to be listed as: NECK White (+) Black (-) Red (split) Braided shield (split) I’ve always just used diagrams that referred to wiring as north/south start/finish. Am I correct in thinking that for the neck pickup above...
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    Hey Matt, When putting your Phase 3’s into your SE, Did you use the same kind of reamer like...

    Hey Matt, When putting your Phase 3’s into your SE, Did you use the same kind of reamer like you would to increase a body hole for pots? I’ve done that several times upgrading to USA pots, but never on a headstock. Just don’t want to screw up :) Also, do the bushings just push in by...
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    I’m done

    I’m done
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    Travel Guitar

    Hey all, I have a couple of unusually long trips coming up at the end of this year (2-3 weeks away from home) and have decided that I just cant live without a six stringed instrument for that long. I’m going to bigger cities where I could just become a fixture at a local guitar shop and...
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    The Forum Guitar

    I think we should all take bets on how many pages of guitar options people come up with despite the fact that bill said its off the table ;)
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    Just thought I'd Share...Stolen Guitars!

    They should be strung up... However, i’m pretty sure there was a mistake on the list of guitars taken. Unless they have figured out how to make a flux capacitor, it couldn't have been a 40th Anniversary CU24 :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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    The Forum Guitar

    The coolest thing about PRS to me is that it has so many offerings to so many different kind of musicians. I am in love with th CU24. Others love a fat 22 fret chunky necked guitar. The brand is so inclusive and diverse, that I agree it will be tough to get prople to agree on one set of...
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    Design Your Own Signature Guitar!

    What color is this one? Stunning depth!
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    Is it my eye sight?

    I almost bought a violet core model that had old pictures on reverb... i asked for updated pictures and it was bright pink!
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    New Member and a question

    I have never owned mira pickups, but if your 245’s pups are too bright, the first response you’ll get from most peeps on the forum will be to try and adjust your pickup height before you think about changing them. A small drop in height goes along way! :)
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    PRS SE 245 Mods/Upgrades Help

    As far as upgrading your nut, this....
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    PRS SE 245 Mods/Upgrades Help

    Or if you want to keep the PRS logos on your tuners, save some money, and dont mind waiting about two weeks, you can mail in your tuners to get upgraded to locking!
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    How To Fit Dunlop Strap Locks to S2

    I used some 200 grit... just layed it flat on my work bench and rotated the screw holding by the treads... you dont have to take off much
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    How To Fit Dunlop Strap Locks to S2

    I have always put the original screws back into my guitars after adding strap locks. I dont like the idea of toothpick filler or leaving a void to progressively get bigger from rocking. Most of the time the straplock buttons are slightly too small for the PRS screw head on SEs and S2s and...
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    Anyone have a Singlecut 10-Top Semi-Hollow?

    That’s really cool! I had no idea they did that as an option
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    Anyone have a Singlecut 10-Top Semi-Hollow?

    Is the F hole of the back? How do they make it semi-hollow without a hole?
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Fretboard Finish?

    I think I finally realized what youre loking at... Are you comparing the side to the top? The top of you're fretboard is a natural finish. That’s what I thought we were talking about. The sides are poly coated and sometimes stained / finished to match the back of the neck or give whatever...
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Fretboard Finish?

    There are also certain types / viens of rosewoods where the color is inconsistent and mottled. I have a very hard time believing that PRS would dye a fretboard, since you bought it new. I can very easily believe that the Korean (or Indonesian) factory didnt chose the most beautiful peice of...
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    Upgrading tuners

    There are lots of opinions on the TONE you get from different nuts due to design and material it is made of... However, tuning stability has only to do with two things - are the openings for the strings wide enough and are they smooth to allow the strings to slide when manipulated. You could...