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    The "Show Off Your Tremonti" Thread

    I have a Tremonti signed by Mark twice, Scott and Myles both once. It was clear coated after and also has a tremol-no installed. It is my least favorite model. Any takers?
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    Head and cab vs combo question

    From what I have found the head alone is the same price as the combo or +/- like 50 dollars.
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    Head and cab vs combo question

    Looking to buy a new amp. I have been using software on the Mac and want to get back to a nice real amp. I am finding that a head costs just as much if not more than a combo of the maker and am curious why. It's the same chasis correct in a smaller box. In theory you would think the cost would...
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    Yes or no, I need advice on a PTC project

    How close is the Floyd coming to the toggle switch? It looks like you need to move the switch
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    NBFGD (New Black Friday Guitar Day)

    Parkway Music as in Clifton Park?? I'm west of Albany. I was thinking about going there today myself
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    How do you adjust the pickup pole pieces? On my prs guitars I dont see them.

    How do you adjust the pickup pole pieces? On my prs guitars I dont see them.
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    NGD Prs Tremonti

    Ok so I bought a used one owner tremonti usa model signed by mark twice once on back of headstock and once on the body, Scott of Creed and Myles of Alterbridge on the body. Then the body was cleared. The owner wrote his first name on the lower edge of the guitar as well. The guitar bridge is...
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    ME1 Shipping Question - Is this legal?

    Ok I sell on eBay for a living. This is an easy question, is the seller using the ebay global shipping program? If he is and ANYTHING happens you get a full refund including shipping. If he is not your still covered with PayPal but will take opening a case and be a longer process. As far as the...
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    Broken headstock ZM on eBay

    Seen an auction ending today on eBay for a broken ZM. Is it worth fixing?
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    Football 2014

    My Jets won!!
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    Guitar teacher questions

    Online lessons are by far the way to go. Dave Weiner Max Dible Either of them would be the go to guys IMO
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    NGD - SE Semi-hollow looking for pups replacement

    Asking people to pick out pups is like asking them to pick out a gf/bf for you. It's hard cause even YouTube clips won't give much help since the person doesn't play like you have the same equipment as you and depending how they mic'd the speakers or imported the sound your not hearing it as it...
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    PRS guitar to complement 408 and HB II?

    A 513 is one of the best in the lineup. I would also suggest maybe thinking about a DC3 or 305 as they are strat killers and with your music taste would work well and be different
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    Football 2014

    Jets Jets Jets...I think Geno is better this year and having Vick as a backup is huge
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    Happy Birthday, Shawn!

    Happy Birthday Shawn.
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    NuGD, and it showed up in tune!

    She's purdy
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    How Many Banks Do You Use To Store Your Money?

    Wow this forum is getting more rude by the much for being a happy family
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    How Many Banks Do You Use To Store Your Money?

    I only use the bank to keep enough money to cover my bills and a very slight cushion. I store cash at home enough to get by for a few months, I tend to carry enough cash to feel safe, the rest I invest. The average bank or stock investment doesn't yield enough profit. Investing in guitars as...