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  1. IRG

    CE model changes over the years?

    Not sure I knew that, or quite understand. The CE doesn’t use SE tuners though, correct? But are you saying they just aren’t made in the US?
  2. IRG

    CE model changes over the years?

    Current CE models only use the bridge from the SE model, pickups 85/15 are USA versions, and tuners are USA too, I think previous generation but they are not SE, and work well. I got mine just before the pandemic, so early 2020 I believe, this is still considered current production, yes?
  3. IRG

    2 recently acquired Marks.

    Sweet pair. Besides the Nazgûl, what’s in the neck? I’ve thought about putting the Nazgûl and. Sentient in the neck of my LP, for heavier stuff. But I’ve heard they are very musically sounding pickups, or maybe versatile is a better word. More than just for metal if thats a compliment.
  4. IRG

    Oops, I Did It Again… Again. NGD enroute…

    I dig the color a lot too, the same as my CE24. I like whitish guitars for some reason,
  5. IRG

    NGD...SE Silver Sky

    Nice, I’ve had gas for a strat lately and I think this might scratch that itch. Fair price too. Fender with the features I want is at least $1200. I do like the Nick Johnston Schecter strat version, and it’s volume control is just a little more out of the way and only one tone control. $899, so...
  6. IRG

    NGD - Custom 24 Antique White

    I’m a big fan of that color on a PRS. Congrats!
  7. IRG

    Do less common colors affect resale? CE in particular.

    Thought about that idea too. Actually i like the 85/15 a lot for most stuff, they're not going anywhere. I just need more guitars to try out more pickups :) I had downsized to 3 guitars, but that has felt confining, so I added a 4th. Now I'm thinking of just adding one more, without going hog...
  8. IRG

    Do less common colors affect resale? CE in particular.

    Played the CE some more tonight. Enjoyed it, a lot. Did some basic drop d chugging and it held tune very well. A bit higher gain would be better like the Schecter but its nice having one guitar with a tremolo, that’s not a Floyd. So the CE is staying. Might have to sell something else. Not sure...
  9. IRG

    Do less common colors affect resale? CE in particular.

    I don’t really want to sell it. But not sure I’m passionate about it. About 4 months ago, I paid off my graduate student loan. So I bought a new guitar. Nothing pricey, and I found a Schecter I really liked spec wise. Well this $499 guitar has kinda become my favorite. Why? Pickups maybe, feel...
  10. IRG

    Do less common colors affect resale? CE in particular.

    Funny story, I bought it about 2 years ago on Betty White’s birthday and nicknamed this guitar Betty (and the color is White) get it? Haha.
  11. IRG

    Do less common colors affect resale? CE in particular.

    All true, thanks folks. Some colors/finishes seem more classic, hence a wider audience, and others are more niche. And yes, many PRS guitars are known for ornate tops, and obviously mine is not, but not everyone likes the same things, thankfully. Not sure what I’ll do yet. I see new CE24 prices...
  12. IRG

    Do less common colors affect resale? CE in particular.

    I'm debating about selling my CE 24, and in looking on Reverb for price guide, I don't see any the same color as mine, which I believe is Vintage White (or maybe Antique White?) I actually really love the fact that it's a simple painted top, but wood on the sides/back instead of all one color...
  13. IRG

    Show Us Your CEs!

    Here’s mine:
  14. IRG

    Almost NGD: McCarty 594 S2

    A real beauty. Hard to find these S2 594s right now. I’d like an S2 594 Singlecut myself, actually the Core but the price gives me serious pause.
  15. IRG

    Probably know what answer I'll get here, but Vela or Tele?

    what was it about the Tele you played that turned you off? What model? I’d like a Vela, but not sure I’d take it over my Tele.
  16. IRG

    S2 Standard 24 thoughts......

    The Standards are all mahogany, correct? I have an S2 Custom 24 and a CE24, the maple neck on the CE gives it a brighter attack, not a huge difference, but some (and the CE 85/15 are USA pickups, but I think the 85/15 S pups are stellar as well). And I have an SE Santana Singlecut which is all...
  17. IRG

    New life in my CE

    Which pickups did you have in there before? I have a '20 CE, I really like the 85/15 that are in it, and the split coil feature works fine to me.
  18. IRG

    The great WHITE guitar thread!

    I think the two tone is what sold me. I've seen one on Reverb that was all white, and that didn't do it for me. I'd love to find a similar black/natural back as well. In fact, I wish PRS would do more models this way.
  19. IRG

    The great WHITE guitar thread!

    I call her Betty. Bought her a year ago on Betty White's birthday. CE24, Antique White I think it's called (or is it Vintage White?)