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    New Song

    Thank you!
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    New Song

    thanks for giving it a listen!
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    New Song

    Just uploaded a new song that I just finished recording. Still trying to learn the craft of recording, and I'm old school at heart, so the drums are real drums, played by me (and I'm NOT a drummer - you've been warned). I think there's some 'pumping' on the drums (compression), but I'm not...
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    New at mixing - PRS McCarty is part of the mix! :)

    That's exactly what I could do - I still have the raw tracks. I think the only thing I applied was a bit of very light compression as I recorded. The drums could have been recorded better, so I'm stuck with that. I'm going to begin another project from scratch this week and I'll come back and...
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    New at mixing - PRS McCarty is part of the mix! :)

    Michael_DK - Thanks for listening and providing valuable feedback! Yes, doing the drums by myself has a special set of challenges. :) And the little things that you mention, such as the way in which I've panned the vocals or applied 'verb are things that I easily forget about when I'm trying to...
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    New at mixing - PRS McCarty is part of the mix! :)

    Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts - have a great holiday weekend!
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    New at mixing - PRS McCarty is part of the mix! :)

    Hey, thanks so much. I didn't take as much time as I should have to get the drums sounding good before hitting 'record', so a lot of that compression is me trying to fix it. That, and again, this is my first ever attempt at doing a full 'band' recording. Curious - how were you listening to this...
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    New at mixing - PRS McCarty is part of the mix! :)

    I wrote, performed, and recorded this track by myself. The point was to NOT use drum loops (and NO, I'm not a drummer) or to 'fix' any vocal imperfections. I simply wanted to track a song entirely by myself, old school. It's not perfect - the timing drags a bit here and there, thanks to my...
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    PRS S2 Series - USA Built!!! For $1179!!!

    I've heard that the pickups are also from the SE line...and the tuners.
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    Fake back on Ebay

    At least they're not presenting it as a PRS guitar.
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    You + your PRS... LIVE!

    2000 McCarty at a festival last year.
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    You + your PRS... LIVE!

    More recent club gig with my 2000 St22:
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    You + your PRS... LIVE!

    '89 Cu24 in 2009:
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    So where are these "Dead Spots" I keep hearing about?

    My '89 Cu24 has what would be considered a 'dead spot' on the G string at the 12th fret. As stated, it's a note that quickly dies off with little sustain. I installed the PRS Upgrade Kit that swapped out a number of pieces of hardware (don't know if this is even still available) and it helped...
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    Ever take a tool to your PRS?

    Pass the soldering iron. The only things I don't try to tackle are frets and refinishing, but I can't imagine ever wanting to refinish my PRSs - they're beautiful just as they are. Pickups are a different story. :) Oh...and I drank the Kool Aid and replaced pots and caps, too!
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    Return to Standards

    LOVE my 2000 St22/ Trem! Ditched the Dragon 2 pickups and loaded it with Tom Short's Tombuckers. Never fails to bring a smile to my face. I still think that PRS guitars were just meant to be mahogany tone machines. Wish I knew how to post pics. My Standard is in Walnut Stain - it's beautiful!
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    CE24 maple-top in 3 parts, is real?

    It's real. And if you look closely at the back, it may be alder instead of mahogany (if the back is also multiple pieces, it's alder). I recall seeing some EG's that had 3-piece tops, as well.
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    New to PRS

    Whether or not the entire guitar was painted gold, I'm pretty sure that PRS always referred to their gold color as Old Gold Metallic. Most were painted in the traditional gold-top fashion, leaving a natural back and neck, but I've seen others painted entirely gold. Does yours have the faux...
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    McRosie Surgery.

    Last one I saw was a Mira at the Va. Beach Guitar Denter.
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    NGD "Black as coal, black as night" !!

    Nice. None more black.