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  1. gear_freak

    Private Stock Super Eagle II

    It would be nice to eventually see a core version of this guitar! ;););)
  2. gear_freak


    I am in! Anything to help our vets!!!
  3. gear_freak

    HBII or Singlecut HBII

    Thanks guys! I was thinking the same about the HBII singlecut as well. I'll have to hunt one down in my area. Wish I could compare the JA15, HBII and HBII singlecut side by side.
  4. gear_freak

    INCOMING! (PG & DG30 Content)

    Score! Very nice Hans.
  5. gear_freak

    HBII or Singlecut HBII

    I am interested in these guitars, but playing one is not an option yet. Is there a significant difference between the two tonally? I know the singlecut is thicker than the double cut, based on looking at some pics of the input jacks and the body around it. Anyone own both, or have played both...
  6. gear_freak

    XPRS LTD 408 Semi Hollow Guitars, Whats your Take?

    Cool deal Baseman!!!!!
  7. gear_freak

    Just pulled the trigger. Incoming..

    Nice score! Enjoy!
  8. gear_freak

    XPRS LTD 408 Semi Hollow Guitars, Whats your Take?

    That would be awesome to see this become a production guitar. I love your color ideas too!!!!!
  9. gear_freak

    XPRS LTD 408 Semi Hollow Guitars, Whats your Take?

    I was GAS free till I saw this 408 semi-hollow. PRS you are marketing Ninjas!
  10. gear_freak

    XPRS LTD 408 Semi Hollow Guitars, Whats your Take?

    I would love to hear someone's take as well. I own one of those CU22 Semi-Hollow LTDs and it is the best guitar I own hands down. I love the 408s and having that paired with a trem/semi-hollow configuration must be great.
  11. gear_freak

    So....what did you pick up at Experience?

    I love that position on my Siggy Ltd as well!! Can't wait to hear more! Thanks.
  12. gear_freak

    So....what did you pick up at Experience?

    You're lucky!!! I am really interested in that 408 Semi-Hollow. Pics would be great! What about the tone? Thanks. -Tony
  13. gear_freak

    Experience Pictures for those who can't make it!

    Post them when you get them guys! I am so bummed I can't make it this year as I had other plans. Spam this thread with the sales floor porn!!!
  14. gear_freak

    NGD - SC58!!

    Man, what a killer guitar. The 57/08s are so articulate (when crunchy and distorted too). I love the two piece bridge and my back is happy. I could not get enough through the Blackface Pro Reverb. I can see how 53/10s would sound nice in this as well. Thank you to the PRS team.
  15. gear_freak

    NGD: SC58 Very Rasberry

    That is one sweet SC58! Great guitars!
  16. gear_freak

    PS 407 - Burl semi-hollow

    That is one trippy top! I love it!
  17. gear_freak

    ANY JA 15 Love out there?

    I don't have one, but I love that model. Sweet opaque color there! That one is at Music 49?
  18. gear_freak

    NGD - SC58!!

    I wasn't planning on another guitar, but when I saw the weight of this one and Chris (crgtr) gave a nice report. So, I could not resist! :eek: My crappy pics, but you get the idea. It rings like a bell, super light at 7.6Lbs and EXTREMELY RESONANT. Chris, you were spot on brother! I...
  19. gear_freak

    New Signature Mag - Available Digitally Now!

    Has anyone received their hard copy in the mail yet? Thanks.
  20. gear_freak

    CR & Abby jammin' on Andy's "Prince of Tone"

    Nice demo as always Chris!!! What is that pile of paisley there? :-D Is the Dallas still a 1x12?