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    594 vs Paul's SE Volume

    Never thought of pickup height. Thanks.
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    594 vs Paul's SE Volume

    I have a 594 McCarty Semi-Hollow as well as a PRS SE Paul's guitar. The 594 is noticeably louder than the Paul's. Is this due to the pickup design? Both are great guitars with a different sound of course. Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    Looking at PRS SE Paul's Guitar

    I also got the Gotoh locking tuners. The stock were fine; I just prefer locking. The neck feels thinner that my 594 McCarty and feels fine to me. It came with the action a little high so I had that lowered. It's a great guitar and a great value. You can get a real single coil sound out of it...
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    My First Core Purchase Advice

    For worship music I would buy an acoustic guitar as I use one for the same purpose. My core is a McCarty 594 semi-hollow that I love because I can get jazz tones out of it along with just about anything else. Except for a true single coil sound. Then I use a PRS SE Paul's guitar. You could...
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    Recommendations for learning Jazz...lessons, books, websites, videos?

    I like TrueFire for jazz lessons. There are some good teachers on there. Playing the tunes from the Real Book is another thing that's very helpful. You have to play songs to stick with it. Jens Larsen is good on YouTube.
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    On The Hunt for My First PRS

    I would get the Paul's SE guitar. Very impressive guitar. I have one and as well as Core 594 semi-hollow. Both great. Paul's SE is very impressive regardless of price. Lots of good reviews out there.
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    How do you fight the urge to quit playing?

    I think you should give yourself a break. What you're going through is pretty common. It sounds like you're in a stage of life where you have lots of responsibility and not much free time or energy. I've been playing a very long time but once I retired I made a plan. Took some lessons, listened...
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    Note for note or in the style of?

    Rock N Roll, which is derived from the blues and jazz is fundamentally improvisational music. It requires some imagination and spontaneityl. I don't play Allman Bros. tunes note for note and neither did they!
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitars

    I'm not really sure what PRS means by a fat neck. I like the neck on this guitar but it's not as "fat" as the neck on my Core 594 model. That neck feels chunkier. Good luck. Not available until April at Chicago Music Exchange. And they are big PRS dealer.
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitars

    Color is Aqua. Great color.
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    PRS SE Paul's Guitars

    I was lucky to find one at Guitar Center which I never imagined. I have a 594 McCarty Core which I love. Semi-hollow. But I'm very impressed by the SE Paul's guitar. I can really get it to sound like a single coil if I want that sound. I put locking tuners on it. Beautiful guitar and plays and...
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    Hearing loss

    I have Phonak hearing aids and I love them. They are very light and incredibly adjustable by using the app that is provided. They are also virtually invisible. The sound of my guitars changed immediately. It's amazing how much high frequency hearing loss dulls the sound of music etc. However...
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    Paul's Guitar SE Tuner replacements

    I have the Gotoh's on mine. They are an upgrade but the originals were not really bad. Mine are bone so I got bone pickup rings to match. They are PRS universal models. The Core parts don't transfer to the SE.
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    I agree with Paul for the most part. I think PRS Guitars are better than a typical vintage but it depends on the brand. My brother has a 1964 Gibson 345. It sounds unbelievable. Carter Vintage in Nashville had one for $26,000. I wouldn't pay that but it sounds way better than any new 335/345...
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    The best concert experience you've ever had?

    Keith Jarrett Trio 25th Anniversary Concert at Carnegie Hall.
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    Paul's Guitar SE color

    Thanks for the replies. I really like the guitar and the color.
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    Paul's Guitar SE color

    I am fortunate to own a 594 McCarty semi-hollow and I'm thinking of buying a PRS SE in Aqua. My McCarty is an amber finish. I played the guitar and it's pretty impressive. It really does give you a true single coil sound. To my eyes, the color looks much more green than those in the photos. To...