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  1. hubbdub

    NGD Private Stock #8766

    What a score and clever idea having the 3 piece neck!!! To be able to have both a mahogany and stained maple neck kills two birds with one guitar haha! Congratulations!
  2. hubbdub

    My first PRS USA NGD: Starla!

    Killer! Miss that model!
  3. hubbdub

    NGD Custom 24 Wood Library

    Gorgeous guitar! Enjoy it in good health!
  4. hubbdub

    Let's see the family photos!

    We're getting there! Front to back (DGT, 594, 594 Soapy, Santana, Custom 24, Modern Eagle V, Special Semi-Hollow, Hollowbody II, S2 Semi hollow Vela)
  5. hubbdub

    The Urge of Serge…. NGD Santana

    Rack is getting full, but not done just yet.
  6. hubbdub

    The Urge of Serge…. NGD Santana

    Got this one for a steal, and been wanting a Santana for a while! Looks great, feels great, plays itself. I see what Sergio is talking about now haha! Santana Retro 10top in Dark Cherry Sunburst Love the top on this one and was surprised how well the short scale works for 24 frets. I don’t...
  7. hubbdub

    Discontinued Color - Purple Iris

    Got the word that Purple Iris as a color is being discontinued - something about the dyes not being available anymore from their supplier. If so, it was a great color while it lasted! Feel free to post yours here if you were able to grab one this year.
  8. hubbdub

    NGD. Roses are red… I mean brown

    Drool worthy guitar - love both the color and specs! I’ve yet to put my hands on a korina body PRS
  9. hubbdub

    Sophie Burrell's PRS Custom 24 Wood Library Finish

    I think Sophie's Custom 24 is listed as Dark Cherry Sunburst with a Quilt 10 Top. Don't think PRS are still producing any from the plant, but you may be able to find a few new/used 35th anniversary models on the web - I'd start with Reverb. Wish you well in your search, and FYI Pitbull Audio...
  10. hubbdub

    Prs Petrecca Prototype?

    In the post, they stated that Petrecca is the name of the person who designed the prototype shape. No other details on this guitar though, and I don't think there are any other details that have been published anywhere else either.
  11. hubbdub

    Prs Petrecca Prototype?

    Think there may be an evolution in Tremonti’s prototype in the works… check this out from Dave’s Guitar Shop
  12. hubbdub

    NGD McSoapy

    Man that's AWESOME, love that color and figuring! Rosewood neck for the win!
  13. hubbdub

    Got My 5th PRS - May Put in New Pickups? Questions.

    A killer pair! I second the 57/08's in the 594
  14. hubbdub

    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

    Here’s mine! 594 Soapy in Blood Orange and Wood library 594 in Black Cherry
  15. hubbdub

    Love for Moons - NGD DGT

    Keeping it simple and classy for this one. No birds, no binding, no problems. Presenting my 10-top DGT with Moon inlays in Black Gold Wrapburst. Thanks to the team at Pitbull for this one. Actual pic and a few dealer pics below.
  16. hubbdub

    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    Would love to own an archtop model myself, but I wish they'd bring back - 1. JA-15 2. NS-14 or NS-15 3. Singlecut Hollowbody II 4. P245 Can I mention missing the Artist Package program? Would love to have this back so I can have a few upgrades on artist pack colors/woods and not have to wait on...
  17. hubbdub

    Been a long time coming! NGD - Eriza Verde!

    That makes sense, appreciate the clarity here!
  18. hubbdub

    NGD S2 Studio

    None more Black! Killer Score!
  19. hubbdub

    NGD: 2004 513

    Awesome score! Congratulations on a RW neck beauty!