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  1. Jimi D

    SE 594!!!!!!!

    You can make a lot of 1/8th inch thick veneers to glue to an SE maple top from the 2” block you’d need for a Core top. Just the same, these new SE McCarty 594s look great.
  2. Jimi D

    My stunning Paul's Guitar

    Wowzers! Gorgeous!!
  3. Jimi D


    Congrats on the new guitars... Love the Tremonti; it's a beaut!
  4. Jimi D

    New “From the Archives”

    Nice guitar. Man, I could listen to Brian play for hours...
  5. Jimi D

    NGD - Wood Library Modern Eagle V (WL MEV) - RW neck, BRW fretboard

    Beautiful, beautiful guitar. Congrats!
  6. Jimi D

    NGD - SE Soapbar in da howze

    Yes, they are hum-cancelling in the middle position.
  7. Jimi D

    Well that didn’t take long.

    Welcome to the cult... er, club... ;)
  8. Jimi D

    NGD - SE Soapbar in da howze

    I owned an SE Soapbar back in 2004 or so and gigged it for about a year before replacing it with a McSoapy that I sadly never really bonded with. Anyway, I don't see them pop up often around here, but I had a some money burning a hole in my pocket and couldn't resist this one. It was real cheap...
  9. Jimi D

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    I agree they're beautiful wood, but curiously enough, neither is a 10 Top...
  10. Jimi D

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    I foolishly sold this one off five years ago and was lucky enough to reacquire it last summer: And this is the one I picked up last spring (partly because I missed the one above so much): Don't ask me to choose between them. I can't and I won't.
  11. Jimi D

    What do you use you old SE Amber knobs for?

    DING DING DING DING DING!! That's exactly what they are in my house. :D
  12. Jimi D

    NGD PRS McCarty

    Like he said ^^^ Congrats!
  13. Jimi D

    Fake PRS 513?

    Need pics but I've never heard of a 513 with a "single toggle switch". The pickups are unique to PRS and should be a dead give-away as well. The 25th Anni 513 looks like this: Are you sure it's not a 305?
  14. Jimi D

    NGD - Starla

    Congratulations! I absolutely love my core Starla; they're just really great rock'n'roll guitars.
  15. Jimi D

    Drop in replacement tuners for SE Hollowbody Piezo?

    I put of set of PRS SE Locking Tuners in my SE Hollowbody Standard. I did it for the convenience of easy restringing; didn't notice any change in tuning stability. I would imagine that tuning issues with any PRS are far more likely a nut issue than a tuning machines one...
  16. Jimi D

    NUGD a special 594

    Huge ‘grats!!
  17. Jimi D

    Sometimes they find us... S2 NGD (belated)

    Cool guitar & cool story. And yummy looking brisket. Thanks for sharing. :) All polls should henceforth include Bacon as an option or be considered null and void!
  18. Jimi D

    NGD Private Stock #8766

    Lovely guitar, beautiful and unique. Congrats!
  19. Jimi D

    Apologies For Being Late: Snagged A Custom22 Soapbar!

    Sweetness! I passed on a Korina triple soapie back when, and I'm still kicking myself today for that careless act of stupid... Congrats!
  20. Jimi D

    Pattern vs pattern thin

    I have all the neck types PRS offers in my pile o' guitars and honestly, I like them all. Sure I can feel a difference, but they all work for me just fine. I find that I'm much more particular about fret board radius than neck size (within reason), and though I wouldn't want a neck that is...