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  1. Daniel Elam

    Silver sky inlays

    They’re made from John’s fingernail clippings. I’m assuming the SE model gets the toenails.
  2. Daniel Elam

    John Mayer SE

    Sounds about right.
  3. Daniel Elam

    John Mayer SE

    The roasted pine Pro II my dad bought and sold in a weeks time was a complete turd.
  4. Daniel Elam

    NGD! Didn't want to do it like this...

    I got my 2019 used with .09s on it. Everything was out of spec. Even pickup height. I set it up with.10s to PRS spec and it’s perfect for me. But I have zero tuning issues with it. Does the bridge plate kick up towards the front? If not, it should. Only the back of the plate should be touching...
  5. Daniel Elam

    Silver Sky

    Of the 3 PRS I’ve owned, the Silver Sky is the only one I’m far.
  6. Daniel Elam

    The sacrificial CE24

    Wasn’t loving my CE24 anymore so I turned it for a pile of gear and cash today. Wound up getting a Strymon BlueSky, a Zildjian A Custom 20” medium ride, a 14” Zildjian China Trash, Tama Road Pro cymbal stand plus enough cash to buy a $2300 Marimba that someone was letting go for $500 (mint) and...
  7. Daniel Elam

    New very old house. New music room.

    Great looking house!
  8. Daniel Elam

    New very old house. New music room.

    Got a music room in our old house too. You can see a bit of the drum kit. Yamaha keys not pictured. We love our old house too. Finished in 1917.
  9. Daniel Elam

    What is your second favorite guitar ?

    My Silver Sky is my favorite guitar. Gretsch Sparkle Jet and Duesenberg Starplayer TV are 2A and 2B and my CE24 brings up the rear. I guess I prefer vintage specs and tones. Thinking about ditching the CE for a Vela.
  10. Daniel Elam

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    #1 neck, #2 everything else. The whole package just works.
  11. Daniel Elam

    New Silver Sky Horizon Red Owner

    Great guitar and great color. I have a 2019 Golden Mesa that is my favorite guitar ever. 2019s are amazing guitars. I’d say it’s a great purchase and I’m sure that Gibson is no joke either.
  12. Daniel Elam

    PRS you just can't bond with...

    I’m keeping my Silver Sky. It’s my favorite guitar I’ve ever played live. I’ve moved on from my CE22 and CE24 recently though. Both great guitars but my tastes change periodically as do my guitars. So now I’ve added a 2019 Duesenberg Starplayer TV and a new 2021 89 Vintage Select Gretsch Sparkle...
  13. Daniel Elam

    I have done the unthinkable...

    I get it. I sold one of my 2 CEs and replaced it with a Duesenberg Starplayer TV. Just wanted something different.
  14. Daniel Elam

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Yeah, that’s a problem. Not much perceived volume loss in positions 2 and 4 on mine. They should be about the same.
  15. Daniel Elam

    PRS SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow extrem fret buzz due to weather conditions

    I would take it back to the last guy to have him check neck relief, adjust if necessary and document it. Then if the problem persists, take it to him again to see what changed. You should be able to tell by then if this is going to be an ongoing issue with the guitar and whether or not to cut...
  16. Daniel Elam

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Congrats! After I finally got to dial in my rig for mine, it’s quickly become my favorite live guitar. It’s so good in a band mix.
  17. Daniel Elam

    PRS SE Starla vs. Gretsch Electromatic

    Those cheap Jets are pretty killer for the price, especially with upgrades. I had one for about 4 years but I did wind up upgrading all the hardware and pickups to really make it a solid player. The only thing stock was the wood, frets, and selector switch. The PRS might get you a little further...
  18. Daniel Elam

    Which Two PRS - Gigging Edition

    For me? A Silver Sky and a Custom 24.
  19. Daniel Elam

    OK PRS...How About An S2 McCarty 594 Thinline "Plus" ???

    I don’t think you’ll ever see veneers coming out of Maryland.