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  1. hippietim

    Show Us YOUR Youtube Vids, Soundcloud, Band Webpage Links, Etc...

    Here’s a couple of older “out of the box” videos I did.
  2. hippietim

    One off ME V

    I used this at rehearsal last night. Other than some tunes I play in open G on a Tele, it's the only guitar I used all night. This guitar is so versatile. The single coil tones are fantastic. So I guess I'll be committing sacrilege on the neck and sand it with some 1800-2400 Micro Mesh to...
  3. hippietim


    The Silver Sky is straight up a Strat competitor. A guitar with a pair of NFs and a Vela bridge is not a Tele competitor. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it's a great guitar.
  4. hippietim


    This. There's just something special about the Tele sound - that steel bridge plate, brass saddles, beefy pickup with the backplate combination is pretty distinctive.
  5. hippietim

    how to properly Satinize my S2 Mccarty 594 thinline?

    I just did the back of the neck on my core 594 - 1800-2400 grit. This is what I used:
  6. hippietim


    It's not a Tele without a Tele style bridge.
  7. hippietim

    Modern Eagle V vs Custom 24-08?

    Well, I just got my ME V yesterday so take this with that in mind. It is probably the most versatile guitar I've ever owned in terms of a standard electric guitar (piezo and/or Roland pickup equipped guitars obviously offer significantly more potential options). The humbuckers sound great and...
  8. hippietim

    Once upon a time, sort of long ago

    that's killer
  9. hippietim

    One off ME V

    It probably is a 10 top. This was probably a top where the stain didn't take properly so they sprayed it opaque.
  10. hippietim

    One off ME V

    Thanks to Brian at The Guitar Sanctuary!
  11. hippietim

    The Special Semi-hollow

    The stock pickup is unmolested with the switch off. No sacrifices are required. The middle NF sounds fantastic.
  12. hippietim

    RIP - Frankie Clarke

    RIP Frankie
  13. hippietim

    PRS News - Queen Anne's County Office of the Sheriff

    What a douchey thing to say. Saying stuff like that says a lot about you.
  14. hippietim

    Black Friday Scores!

    I got this for 15% off:
  15. hippietim

    The Special Semi-hollow

    If I had to pick just two PRSs, I'd choose a Special SH and a 594. I love the 594. Total Les Paul killer IMO.
  16. hippietim

    The Special Semi-hollow

    Y'all are too nice!
  17. hippietim

    The Special Semi-hollow

    I still stop by to read once in a while. Most of my forum time these days is in the digital modelers/processors realm.
  18. hippietim

    The Special Semi-hollow

    I got mine a month or two ago from our buddy @Brian Meader at the Guitar Sanctuary. Last night I finally got around to doing the one mod I think it needed - I swapped the volume pot for a push-push pot that had the middle pickup all by itself since there is no switch position that has this from...