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    Anyone add a middle single to an S2 Standard 24?

    An s2 would be the easiest to put a middle pickup in since there is plenty of flat area. Ive seen regular customs with the middle pickup added and it was just fine, the bare maple inside the rout was more visible than you might expect but black dye would fix that if you wish.
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    How about some PRS Bass love?!..

    You've all likely seen this one recently in my NBD thread - pro photos pending. .
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    How about some PRS Bass love?!..

    WHOAAAAAAAAA HFS DUDE THATS AWESOME!!! I never even considered magenta pearl being available on a Bass. Top knobs are just Dimarzio speed knobs IIRC, but later PRS speed knobs would look just the same The bottom ones are findable eventually too I would think, they were from a hifi shop...
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    Stereo guitar amps

    I built one some years back and its awesome. It is more mics. and in tube amps its always half the headroom for the same weight, if thats an issue. Plus you absolutely must carry 2 speakers
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    '87 PRS Bass Faded whale blue

    Thanks guys, I'm really loving it! Only downside is now I want a CE version too, and a 5 string, and a Grainger...
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    '87 PRS Bass Faded whale blue

    thanks, Sorry Bro - I know I hate when people pull that! I just worried I'd never finish the post if i didn't post right then lol! Yeah man! Even in person, its a lot you're looking at a charcoal finish under a clear afternoon sky. Or maybe the color of Silverfish. Flash photography on the...
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    '87 PRS Bass Faded whale blue

    Couple more Janky Cell phone shots - should have a real photographer take a shot or two this weekend if all goes according to plan. I tried to take succession shots to show the high level of chatoyancy
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    '87 PRS Bass Faded whale blue

    Thanks Gents! Got a couple uploaded over lunch Sorry they look a little blurry, I guess I had life photo turned on - I'll get some better ones after work. The fretboard could certainly use a deep clean also...
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    '87 PRS Bass Faded whale blue

    Just picked this up a few days ago. Really enjoying it so far, the faded whale blue really makes the grain pop, plus more importantly is got a great variety of good tones and a massive low end. So far it seems like the positions are middle pickup (great P sound), neck pickup (ultra low with...
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    Fake? I think so.. whats you opinions?

    Any pics of the neck cavity? Doesn't look like an employee guitar to me but maybe it's a refin too. Normally they're marked in some way.
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    Anyone gone to 12" on their dot/moons board?

    Studies show childhood obesity is on the rise in middle American states. Couple this with the fact that moss grows on the size of a rock, and we've got a host of other problems. Take for instance the wooly mammoth. Extinct for generations, but now starting to creep back in around rural...
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    1995 koa ce value

    You paid too much but I'll help you get your money back if you sendittame. Just the kinda guy I am.
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    Anybody sell gear on eBay ?

    That's a great place to sell PRS gear in my experience. MLP is decent to sell gear on too, but slower on PRS stuff.
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    Anybody sell gear on eBay ?

    I hate Ebay because of the Fees, horrible absence of service, and pattern of disrespect towards the sellers, and that they allow chargebacks because a customer changes their mind, and I didnt like Reverb because they hand your phone number out to any ******* with a computer. You get people...
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    Question, PRS Need Neck Binding or No ?

    Binding is functional, it prevents minor bumps and dings. I prefer the look of the natural maple faux binding on PRS, but that hard edge dings quite more readily than a guitar with binding. The plastic bumpers don't dent as often, and if they do its replaceable. Its more funcitonal on the...
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    PRS Tremonti won't stay in tune

    Good point on blocking or decking helping for retuning - always best if you don't use the trem anyway- tone is a little thicker to my ears too. And if the tuning issues are really only occurring during retuning or when a string breaks, that should fix it.
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    With or Without?

    It stands out now. I always thing a guitar with a play-gouge in the body is a sign of serious quality and honor - but it wouldve taken you many years to get that far and in the mean time, screwing on that black guard broke up some of the 'monotony', if you could even say that of this guitar.
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    HBII with Piezo. 10's or 11's? Unwound 3rd? What are the pros and cons.

    unwound G sounds much less authentically acoustic to me, but are you trying to play acoustic songs best or electric songs with some convincing acoustic. do you bend or not bend? What color is your hair and how long are your fingers?
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    PRS Tremonti won't stay in tune

    I hope you checked the nut before doing all this mess with the trem. Thats almost certainly the cause of the tuning stability problem. you can remedy this by working the wound strings back and forth in the slot like your removing material. you only want to remove from the SIDES, if you...