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  1. Daryl Jones

    Hi everyone

    Oh I'm stuck with that horrible "Who Let The Dogs Out" going through my head... This started out so innocently....waaaaaaaa!
  2. Daryl Jones

    New PRS SE Custom 24 guitar - finish issues

    I'm surprised that got by the inspection all SE's get before shipping out to the selling dealer. However, if you can't feel it disrupting you as you play then I would ignore the cosmetic flaw. And that's easy for me to say being it isn't my machine to fuss over. We all have high expectations of...
  3. Daryl Jones

    Hi everyone

    Hello and welcome! We dig pics so set us up with shots of your axe(s)! Pics or it ain't real, y'know? Otherwise you could be like that nitinbutala241 guy and you don't need that stigma!:eek::D
  4. Daryl Jones

    Where Does the Looper Go?

    My wife's name is Cindy, and she's like "the record stu...the record stu...the record stu..." But she never repeats what I wanna play back, I think she must be a tad loopy...:D
  5. Daryl Jones

    Photos, let's see 'em

    Couple shots for the viewing. The guy playing is kinda dodgy, but the guitar is really nice looking... My small but very adequate family: The PRS's everybody knows well, my old Yamaha RGX that isn't much (but it's sorta part of me), my two Seagulls (S12 Concert and S6 Coastline), the FG800...
  6. Daryl Jones

    Random. No more or less

    Sure there are! There's Lola, and you, and, em, there's em, well, others... I think...;>) But hey, I haven't been around but a short while (couple years) so I can't know everybody here yet. But you are sure welcome. We're (mostly) happy, well adjusted sorts. Free of preconceived notions and...
  7. Daryl Jones

    Rare bird, um "find"

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  8. Daryl Jones

    Rare bird, um "find"

    Anybody know approximately what a Clint Lowrey Signature might be worth? Apparently "mint" with SD active humbuckers. I know they are rare and I don't "need" it, but I can't find out anything on them.
  9. Daryl Jones


    Hey Lola, sorry for the delay, been up to my backside in alligators with home repairs. Herself did confirm again what I mentioned above. She was not aware of any interactive issues that might come up, but always a good idea to consult a physician in case you take any other meds that could cause...
  10. Daryl Jones


    Lola, I'll ask my missus about Dramamine alternatives, she's a clinical pharmacist so she will know what's out there and any interactive issues. But I know it as Dimenhydrinate/gravol on our pharmacy shelves. Dramamine is the US "trade name" for the same thing near as I understand
  11. Daryl Jones


    The price announcement was pretty much where I envisioned it. But so far no indication on the Canadian price levels. $1400 European (in USD) tells me that $2k isn't out of the question. that's where my HBII landed. Pretty much sends me back to the 24-08 as an upgrade/alternate to my Custom 24...
  12. Daryl Jones

    Your opinion…

    Very astute observation and well said. My voice background helps me recognize (if not immediately differentiate) different modes, boxes and variations, but my piano and horn based brain often refuses to adapt quickly to changes and shifts. Keys are much more absolute in comparison so it does...
  13. Daryl Jones

    Your opinion…

    I'm not in the same league as most players here, but I do believe that you can't build a decent house without a foundation. 35 years of teaching martial arts has reinforced that in me. While it's true that you can be sloppy and sound good if the feels are real, accuracy is still a very good...
  14. Daryl Jones

    Underrated guitar players

    Something/somebody that most would overlook is Gordon Lightfoot. Lots of his contemporaries speak of him in awe still. Not a shredder by any means, but an absolute stellar player in his own right. Early in his career he never even bothered to hire a drummer for his band, he was just so bang on...
  15. Daryl Jones

    Speaking of antiquities - old New Year's Eve set list

    Pretty cool mix, pretty much remember them all from that timeline. Not sure if that's good or bad haha. The old story about the players in the band get the girls appears to hold water! But I was busy playing hockey back then. Might as well have been hunting for 4 leaf clovers...
  16. Daryl Jones


    I'd be lying if I said I was only mildly interested in this release. My two concerns are affordability and availability. My HB was at the outer reaches of my dollar envelope, and beyond actually. But it was an itch I couldn't scratch without help. I also can't put up with being on a wait list...
  17. Daryl Jones

    Onward and ever forward!

    Well, first one with a guitar in my hands. No stranger to the stage in several means, just never playing guitar. Pretty stoked already, and yeah, it will become more in the future I think. Plenty of friends have been bugging me for a couple years now. And I totally agree with Grtbldr, open this...
  18. Daryl Jones


    What a cool find! We had Grandma's piano (I still do) but guitars were never a part of the family music scene. Something I'm bent on changing.
  19. Daryl Jones

    Onward and ever forward!

    Well crew, we are at the close of another year. What lies ahead is never a given but we all plan in one way or another. For me, as I settle in on my non-career life plan, I am in process of setting up my first ever gig. And no, it's not a professional thing, far from it. Just a small intimate...
  20. Daryl Jones

    Typical Order Wait Times

    My Hollowbody was between 8 and 9 months getting here. Was originally supposed to be 3-4. My L&M guy said that if it was now, it would be 24-26 months or more. One of the major deterrents to me ordering any other guitar now, no matter how much I would like a 24-08 or maybe the newly mentioned SE...