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  1. GuitarFactoryDylan

    7 String PRS PS

    That neck and back combo is absolutely mind blowing...
  2. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock Friday

    My god. I am definitely going to order another Private Stock in Northern Lights finish next year.
  3. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Show your PS!

    That would be Northern Lights
  4. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Much diff between a core/private stock?

    I think it's all subtle stuff, obviously visual choices go through the roof - things like the flamed maple fingerboard binding and the flamed maple neck on mine leave me feeling dumbstruck every time I pick the thing up - but at the end of the day, I still play my two core models just as much if...
  5. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock from Australia?

    I got a regular double-cut McCarty in Tiger Eye with quilt top and flame maple neck upgrades - the other guys both got singlecut McCarty models with quilt tops. All three of us will be around those days so definitely feel free to come in and have a chat.
  6. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock from Australia?

    Hey Johan, I work for Guitar Factory Parramatta. Myself and two of the other staff actually ordered private stocks last year, and we've been regularly getting private stock models in for stock over the last couple of years. If you need someone to talk to we would be more than happy to help out...
  7. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Your best looking headstock

    This'll have to be the one I think, and I would absolutely have to include both sides in the equation :)
  8. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock Friday

    I think I'm set on Northern Lights for my next PS..
  9. GuitarFactoryDylan

    My 1st PS.. An initiation into the Blood Brothers.

    Love that it's got your name on it, that would be cool for my next PS build. Absolutely gorgeous mate.
  10. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock Friday

    Wow, some really different stuff this week!
  11. GuitarFactoryDylan

    NGD: Private Stock McCarty Tiger Eye

    Not sure which semi-hollow you're referring to. The dragons breath finish was the last photo, the regular singlecut. I actually don't even know what colour the singlecut hollowbody is supposed to be.
  12. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock Friday

    Already made my own thread (in case you want to see more photos and haven't already), but just to contribute to the PSF thread - here's my new baby :)
  13. GuitarFactoryDylan

    NGD: Private Stock McCarty Tiger Eye

    Thanks very much guys, I want to do a good video with it soon so I'll report back when I've got it happening! Rehearsed with it last night, and I doubt I'll ever take it out of the house but I'm going to love using this for rehearsal and studio recording. Tonally it's exactly what I wanted...
  14. GuitarFactoryDylan

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Any Australian's interested - our shop is getting the only one for Aus, ETA third week of March :) I'm very excited... and way too broke to be from the last private stock.
  15. GuitarFactoryDylan

    NGD: Private Stock McCarty Tiger Eye

    Here it is! My third PRS, and first Private Stock. Absolutely blown away, I don't feel like I'll ever be as excited as this again in ordering a non-PS guitar. Choosing a flame maple neck was the best thing I could have done, I chose it because I like both the look and based on my favourite...
  16. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Favorite PRS TODAY?

    God that blue finish is one of the best I've ever seen. What's it called again?
  17. GuitarFactoryDylan

    NPSD: Zappa #43/50 Sandstorm Fade!

    I'm not much of a fan of the shape, but god I think I could get over that for the way it's finished... Love sandstorm fade, I almost chose it for my first PS. The neck and the headstock veneer are incredible.
  18. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock Friday

    Just confirmed my first PS will be in my hands next week! So excited.
  19. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Private Stock Friday

    Aarrrgh. Almost at 7 months of waiting for my PS McCarty... Still no firm ETA. This thread excites me and depresses me all at once.
  20. GuitarFactoryDylan

    Forum Truss Rod Cover

    Depending on the design I'd be interested in a couple.