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    Boutique pick Roundup II-confessions of a pick nerd.

    Once I tried a bluechip I've never used another pick. Over the course of a year I moved up from .35 to .8. The theory's the thicker pick lets you get more tone (vibrates the string more) and also aids picking speed because the pick doesn't bend. The downside of heavier/thicker picks is your...
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    We won't solve Orlando on this forum. I did think the blues track and its atmosphere was somehow fittingly poignant though.
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    Thinking about Orlando, Wolf Mail, by coincidence, a couple days sent me this blues clip of his mate "Kid Ramos" playing some excellent, lazy blues at an Orlando fair. Can't think of a Blues muso who wouldn't be happy with this playing. If 50 soldiers were killed on duty in a war in...
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    Can The Sound Of A Pickup be Infuenced By Wood Types

    Even with my ears I can hear the difference between a strat and a Gibson but that's the pup not the wood. I wonder if the average forum member could tell the difference between a semi hollow body and a solid body in a blind test. For me the pup and the amp and the fingers completely dominate...
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    Reverse Mohawk. Ha ha. Best line I've heard in a while. Bring on the nose and ear hairs
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    Had long hair in early 70s. Such a pain to look after and so hot playing sport in Australian summer. I am always asking wife and 4 daughters why they don't get their hair cut short but only get the look in response. Before 3 ot the girls left home I estimated maybe as much a$350-400 a month on...
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    An Interesting Nite, or Maybe Not ...

    I dunno what's the difference between a tribute band and a band that plays covers?. Most every band has played covers. Lots of hypin and typin goin down seems to me. Either you like what the guys are playing or you don't. No drama either way. Most of us would like to be writing and performing...
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    Live Sound.... More thoughts

    A very interesting topic. I play with some full time drummers and bass player occasionally and they always wear ear plugs. Even acoustic drums are mostly going to be over 100 db playing rock in say a 5 meter radius before they are amplified. This means as far as I can tell that if you regularly...
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    Private Stock from Australia?

    Not ps but the p245 would interest me if I needed yet another guitar, but in fact I have too many.
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    Private Stock from Australia?
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    Private Stock from Australia?

    Hi Johan. I bought a prs private stock 30th anniversary cu24 from guitar factory parramatta. I found the guy there very professional to deal with. He had a reasonable range of prs in stock including the one I bought. I was amazed to find one in stock in Sydney. Had to have a Valium and a good...
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    Help getting through this slump

    The first step is often the hardest and like anything else a routine, a deadline and a challenge can all help. Sometimes I don't feel like playing until I start but because there is a new song, a new lick, a new rhythm to learn I know I have to. And then when I start, voila, I don't want to...
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    Prince Dead at 57

    This reminds me of the old adage "be careful what you wish for". Studies show that musicians do tend to die young, not ostly in their 20s and 30ss but in their 50s and 60s. Why that should be who knows. Of course their music lives on.
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    Speaking Of Talent - Jimi Hendrix

    His songwriting, rarely gets enough credit. "the wind crys Mary" has some of the most poetic lyrics in all rock music, according to me :). "Little wing" another short gem of a song, beautiful lyric, chord changes much copied solo. Of course that stuff is not what Jimi is famous for, thats more...
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    Picking speed, I can't move past my plateau

    This was a great post with some great videos. Right off topic but I used to put "ten years after live in Europe double album" "steppenwolf the second", canned heat and Rory gallaghers "taste' live on the record player every second night when I was about 16. Canned heat have survived the test of...
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    Speaking Of Talent...

    There are many, many great things about the Beatles but the thing that always blows my mind is their melodies, not just one but melody after melody from very early songs like "I'll follow the sun" right through to the "long and winding road". And then the voices to actually sing them. There...
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    The Subtractive Theory of Tone

    Devils in the details.
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    How do you practice?

    Never too old to learn. Use it or lose it. Perfect practice makes perfect. 1 get a good teacher. It opens up,so many new vistas you never thought of. The key is "good". I've had two guitar teachers in my life, (1)for classical guitar back in the day and (2) for rock and blues. They are both...
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    In Praise Of Eric

    I want to thank the people who made some negative comments about Ec because it gave me a reason to go back and listen to some of his music. "crossroads". It may be derivative but I doubt you'd get Albert King volunteering to do it. FReddy maybe. The timing on the live version is outstanding...
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    In Praise Of Eric

    Apologies for the iPad typos