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  1. Brad Lawson

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    I believe Danville Music has this exact guitar listed for sale right now.
  2. Brad Lawson

    Amp Advice: What To Trade For?

    The Carr Mercury V is my favorite amp by far. I even prefer it over my DG30.
  3. Brad Lawson

    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    Carr Mercury V
  4. Brad Lawson

    What's your favorite PRS to play.

    My 2016 PS DGT with cocobolo neck and board
  5. Brad Lawson

    Private Stock Friday

    MEVs without the 250/500k pot switch?
  6. Brad Lawson

    Modern Eagle V vs. Custom 24-08

    i have both and i much prefer the mahogany back better. With that said, I’m not exactly comparing apples to apples. The Mahogany back has a maple neck with Brazilian board. The swamp ash back has a EIR neck with African Blackwood board. The swamp ash is also a semi-hollow…
  7. Brad Lawson

    Favorite T-Shirt?

    This one always made me laugh…
  8. Brad Lawson

    My PRS Private Stock Journey...

    I tried to order a PS, Single Cut DGT a few months back and was told no. :(
  9. Brad Lawson

    Semi-hollow DGT

    I need this in my life...
  10. Brad Lawson

    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Solos? Let's Discuss!

    Pretty much anything by David Gilmour but especially the 2nd solo on Comfortably Numb on his Live at Pompeii album.
  11. Brad Lawson

    What percentage of your guitars are PRS?

    80% PRS on electrics. The rest are Knaggs. Acoustics are 100% Martins.
  12. Brad Lawson

    Custom 24-08 with neck OTHER than Pattern Thin?

    I have a wood library I bought from Wild West several years ago with a Pattern neck shape. One of my favorites.
  13. Brad Lawson

    The PRS in my collection getting played most right now is_______???

    Right now and pretty much always, my PS DGT w/Cocobolo neck: Followed closely by my Kenai w/Lollar soapbars:
  14. Brad Lawson

    ★ Modern Eagle MEGA Thread ★

    Wow. That is just beautiful. Nice playing too BTW...!
  15. Brad Lawson

    ★ Modern Eagle MEGA Thread ★

    That top is amazing but the headstock wood…. Is the rest of the board that pretty?
  16. Brad Lawson

    P90 Guitar

    My P90 Knaggs:
  17. Brad Lawson

    What is your favorite amp?

    For around the house, my Carr Mercury V. Amazing little amp.
  18. Brad Lawson

    Neck and fretboard wood suggestions for a PS build?

    My favorite for my PS builds has been rosewood necks with African Blackwood boards. Something about the feel and to me they just put out an incredible tone.
  19. Brad Lawson

    Coil split option

    I love the split tones on both my PS and Artist DGTs. To me they are just about perfect.