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  1. SamIV

    2008 Sc245 neck pickup

    If this is not allowed, just delete.
  2. SamIV

    90s Ce24 identification

    Well he is a better man, boy, toddler. Well, just better than myself. Not my favorites.
  3. SamIV

    90s Ce24 identification

    Nice guitar. Just know they are built better than the new offerings. But those tuners were designed to never make you want to change your strings again. I like those as much as I like beets.
  4. SamIV

    What do you use you old SE Amber knobs for?

    Well I have to admit, they do look better. Enabler!!!
  5. SamIV

    What do you use you old SE Amber knobs for?

    I don’t get the dislike, but to each his own. I just mailed a package of parts and pieces I will never use from guitars I have modded to a fellow who donates his time and guitars to kids who can’t afford guitars, but want to learn. If any of you are interested, I can give you a name and...
  6. SamIV

    New PRS SE 594 models

    My preference is the SE finish. I only play at home, sitting 99 % of the time, and I have chips on all but one of my S2 models. Have zero clue how all got there as well. I am sure the thin finish on my S2’s has its merits, but durability is not one of its strong points.
  7. SamIV

    New PRS SE 594 models

    I don’t think so. All of my S2’s are a step above. Not a giant step, but better. But I bought all but one of my S2’s used, and waited for a comfortable price.
  8. SamIV

    PRS S2 Standard: 22 frets vs 24 frets, gloss vs satin finish

    The guitar in the photo is actually for @littlebadboy who posted before me. I do have the same model in satin, but mine is red.
  9. SamIV

    PRS S2 Standard: 22 frets vs 24 frets, gloss vs satin finish

    I have been playing since the late 70’s and can’t get comfortable with a 24 fret guitar. There are obvious others who feel differently. I own nothing but 22 fret S2 guitars and a SE. The satin vs gloss finish is not a big deal to me. But the neck on my satin finished guitar feels just a bit...
  10. SamIV

    PRS Pedals - who's got the trio? (date-stamp Jan 2023)

    No, I’m too cheap. I suffer from that SE/S2 personality disorder.
  11. SamIV

    And then there was one...

    So King Vela chose the solid body over the semi-hollow. Interesting.
  12. SamIV

    What (guitar related) did Santa bring?

    Jealous here. Nice. I have to settle for one of their attenuators for my Fender Deluxe Reverb. And I don’t have that yet. Hopefully in my future.
  13. SamIV

    What (guitar related) did Santa bring?

    I bought myself a Two Notes Torpedo C.A.B. M + for headphone use. It’s actually pretty good on first impressions. Only had it a couple days, so that may change. It does sound digital, but less digital than anything under $600 that I tried so far. Works well with my pedal board. To get...
  14. SamIV

    SE245 … compared to S2 594 SC?

    The S2 is a better guitar. I own a Korean SE 245 and three S2’s. The SE is such an easy guitar to play, but you can feel the difference in the S2 line. I don’t own a 594 though.
  15. SamIV

    PRS SC250 Singlecut pickups!?

    If you want to get rid of your Antiquties to a 65 year old PRS player, who is not a big heavy metal player, let me know.
  16. SamIV

    Offend me, i DARE you!

    You probably like wing tuners. Oh, and beets.
  17. SamIV

    So I got a great deal on an S2 standard 22...this makes 3!!

    Yes, S2’s rule. I have the same guitar in red satin. I think the 58/15s pickups are great. Can’t say that about the #7s or the 85/15s though. Found the 85/15s very mid heavy. I replaced the 85/15 s with a set of TV Jones pickups. Can’t decide what I am going to replace the #7’s in my S2...
  18. SamIV

    PRS CE Models 00's 10's 20's Comparisons?

    I owned a 98 CE 24 and build quality was extremely good. Owned a 2021 CE 24 for a couple of days. It was a good guitar. Couple of things I preferred on the 2021 were the pickups and tuners. The wing tuners on the 98 were designed by an enemy to mankind :)
  19. SamIV

    I Am A Patient Man, But...

    I thought you were going to say you bought a guitar with wing tuners.