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    What Else Are You Into? Let's Talk

    getting airdrop pamphlets of the spirit in the sky a lot in here lately, boring
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    What Else Are You Into? Let's Talk

    Avid distainer of religion because of the geographic lottery & conflict, pretendy politics and talking heads except thee talking heads Love reading, actual current events, history, cycling, weight lifting, music and getting through chores listening to pod casts, audio books and radio I'm a...
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    Is there a way to have factory put Core Components in S2?

    Cts 500k from bareknuckles or Charles guitars I've said it before but, given the price increase in s2, and what epiphone are doing, prs should put 57/08 in S2 Regardless you can upgrade for about $300, and it is an upgrade. Nothing wrong with nut tuners or bridge
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    Well that's 2 hours of my life...

    I recently watched a 50min video on someone smelting gold from jewellery and then circuit board offcuts. ASMR stuff but I doubt I'll be buying nitric acid myself. That lex podcast was the best, I listen to them when doing yard work etc I really should learn a programming language
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    PRS In Church?

    I hate to break it to Americans but anything other than dreary chanting or very old organs is calvanistically speaking classic devil's music :p
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    PRS In Church?

    Danger zone?
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    Need to pick someone’s brain.

    It's an American curiosity
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    Buying advice for a well played PRS guitar?

    The milky finish thing was I think fixed after a certain year, so its a known issue, it did bug me on one guitar though, but its not restricted to that guitar Wear and tear.....when my satin finish was pristine I loved it, few years later and wear and tear......after the first angst, learnt to...
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    German guitar lesson

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    If You Happen To Like Jack White ....

    Rat face fuzzer :D
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    Have we seen the MT100 yet?

    Have to say this is been like watching a pyramid being constructed, he's making John Mayer look like roadrunner, not that his amp was a commercial success though, so probably a bad analogy Beep beep!
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    All about bicycles

    I am a Cafe rider (sans motorcycle) :D I tried motorcycles in youth and came to the conclusion there were too many car shaped objects, after hitting one, gave that up promptly
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    All about bicycles

    normally, that is more often then not, I stop for a boost, lately its cold sugary drink or ice cream, in colder weather its coffee and bacon roll :D
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    What I do not like in PRS guitars

    Probably only a moan about the prices, I'll throw in that the lampshades can be hard to pull up, and I replaced electronics and pickups in my S2. I think they seem to have made the S2 pickups better recently though, although in all honesty I think they should do tip of the hat to their...
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    The lighter touch

    Its another volume one, but try a always on boost pedal (I use a compressor set low for sustain) to bring up the volume It you are already at the re-fret stage, could go stainless and make them harder, but will change the sound of the guitar Maybe switch to softer than fret strings to make...
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    I am done selling on Reverb: PRS Tremonti MT-15 saga

    Ebay is similarly biased to seller, had a battle there with an amp someone wanted to return in the last possible day From the back of pots looks like something exploded, but can't see what is missing, looks just like traces .... maybe there's a photo of the guts somewhere All the best, it's...
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    Oof! I seriously f**ked up my right hand.

    I'm wondering if it was the same night Santana collapsed
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    Dr Delay?
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    The only conspiracy theories I like are that sergio and jxe share the same keyboard :p I wanna throw in audio books to the mix, I listen to stuff when doing yard work etc Audible have deals, usually buy a few then suspend membership and restart again Here are my latest, Miriam is a real...
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    We got in!

    Nice band name, hope you get to do some ladybird theme tattoos in the day time