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    the Standard neck spec on these IS the pattern. the pattern replaced the wide fat basically. the Pattern reg is a tad narrower. I prefer the pattern. this is pretty much like a dream guitar to me. I have liked the sc245 but was never overly crazy of the need to 4 knobs ( 2 vol 2 tone) this is...
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    Need info on S2 Singlecut replacement parts, bridge, studs, etc.

    I would rather keep the brass studs as they sustain better IMO. I have a S2 Singlecut and just installed the PRS \m/ pickups in it! sounds killer. As for adjustable you can either go with PRS adjustable from their website or these--...
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    Paul Reed Smith S2 Starla | N Stuff Music Product Review

    no the pups are not added coil like the 408 how ever I believe they use a resister on the pups so when splitting the drop off is not as noticeable.
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    NGD PRS Custom 24 S2 with Review

    congrats! this is my S2 this photo is from sweetwater but of my actual guitar! it now has the PRS \m/ pick ups in it as I was not overly crazy about the 7s that was in it. Bridge was ok but neck was practically unusable as with most neck humbuckers imo. the \m/ s are ceramic and very...
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    Tremonti or \m/ ??

    oh I don`t doubt that ! but being I have the standard large cavity not sure it would be that nice looking to fit. So far I am liking the \m/ set right now
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    Does the P22 battery run down with just the magnetic output plugged in?

    being the piezo can be activated even by plugging into mag out put I would say yes . When not playing I never keep any guitar plugged in even at a venue( ESPECIALLY ) as there can then be no TRIP accidents that pull the guitar down.
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    Tremonti or \m/ ??

    I have the \m/ s in my new S2 singlecut and love them. very articulate. I hate most humbuckers in neck position as they have no punch or articulation just way warm and muddy. not so with the \m/s I happen to like ceramic pickup anyway.
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    PRS S2 Series - USA Built!!! For $1179!!!

    actually the bridge is not the same. my boys SE is chrome plated and fairly sure cast piece not even sure if aluminum. my S2 singlecut is a MACHINED piece of aluminum that is just polished. no plating at all. plus it has brass screws and inserts .
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    Antique White S2 Singlecut used in Archon amp demo

    So you can see pretty much how these look here! plus get an idea of how the pick ups sound. While ok my Antique white S2 Singlecut now sports the \m/ pickups in it . result?? IMO HUGE improvement. when you listen the the clean playing here in neck position it dounds warm but also not much...
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    A fundamental WHY

    really not that different!
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    S2 SC Neck

    kind of funny that my S2 singlecut feels ALOT closer to my boys SE singlecut with a wide fat than my P22 with the supposedly same carve of a pattern regular. it feels a lot thicker than my P22 and hardly noticable from the SE.
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    PRS S2 Singecut

    this was the photo of my guitar from Sweet Water
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    PRS S2 Singecut

    I got the antique white. Love it! the 59/09s will work but you may want a tech at a shop install them and solder them in. I am thinking of putting the PRS \m/ pick ups in mine eventually.
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    S2 Tone Too Dark - Suggestions ?

    I am probably going to replace the pups in my S2 Singlecut with the \m/ pups. For me the best neck pick up I ever played was the R496 Ceramics in a Gibson Explorer I had. I had an 02 LP standard with the new then burst buckers and hated the neck pup. muddy as heck. I happen to like the...
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    PRS S2 Singecut

    I went through Sweetwater and they do have a refund policy if you don`t like it. Ya hard to find many stores with them. Even the shop I go to carries a ton of core models but do not plan on carrying new S2 models as of now. I love the feel on the S2 singlecut. I can swear the neck feels a bit...
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    Would love a S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow, but...

    my boys SE singecut has birds. I like the S2 a bit better. something just a bit different.
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    PRS S2 Singecut

    I own one antique white. I really like it. Had an SE245 in the family. I prefer the 25" scale. I like the ability to tap coils and the locking tuners. Also the bridge does not sit a mile off the body like most SE models do. The pick ups are fine but I am seriously thinking of installing the...
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    PRS guitars- the best in the world?

    SS fret wire is good IF they polish the frets. I have seen some brands that don`t polish them and you do feel the drag a tad. I know that Paul said he uses the hardest wire that is not SS he can get. Necks on PRS are great. I remember Dan Erlewine who is considered the BEST there is for...
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    59/09 love

    Audie-- One thing I found is with pickups even CLEAN I do not like warm pick ups. they always lack clarity especially in neck. One of the best pick ups I ever had for clean tone was a Gibson Explorer with their ceramic 500T and 498? T in neck. was not harsh but very clear. I had an 02 LP with...