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  1. kingsleyd

    DGT Trick's & Tips

    A deep pool to explore is the interaction of the two pickups when your switch is in the middle (both pickups) position. Here's a video I did where I spend a lot of time exploring that. The sounds are more on the clean/Fender amp side of the fence, but the same principles apply if you're playing...
  2. kingsleyd

    The National Department Of 594 Soapbars

    I have quite a few guitars with P-90s in my woodpile. (none from PRS, but what can ya do?) Having experimented with several different makers, I've ended up deciding that Seymour Duncan's vintage-style P-90s are at least as good as anything out there and better than most, including those from...
  3. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Modern (or modern-ish, which to me is anything since maybe 1980) Gibsons vary in how they are wired. I recently acquired a brand-new "64 Historic" (Memphis factory) ES-345. (in a most fetching pearl white finish!) Much to my surprise, the wiring was independent rather than interactive. I'm...
  4. kingsleyd

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    Sure is getting Worsley in here.
  5. kingsleyd

    PRS's take on a 335

    To nudge it a little more into the 335 zone, you could spec it as a 594 -- thereby getting a couple of essential Gibsonian elements: the 24 19/32 inch scale length and separate volumes and tones for each pickup, with the same interactive wiring scheme that's on the McCarty in my demo. Single-cut...
  6. kingsleyd

    PRS's take on a 335

    The Hollowbody model is seen by some as being 335-like, and I think PRS' original marketing went there. Having owned a few HBs and several 335/345/355s, I don't see it that way so much. The Hollowbody is more hollow -- there's a block (sort of like the old Gretsch "trestle" but a little more...
  7. kingsleyd

    I love SG's but Gibsons are SO inconsistent -

    Funny, I just acquired a 1974 SG Special, from when they were doing the plastic-cover mini humbuckers. Everything about it screams "Norlin era cost cutting!!!" Whereas my Mira is, despite its low-budget-by-PRS-USA standards origin, is a no-question professional-quality guitar. Regardless, the...
  8. kingsleyd

    N5D - Private Stock Semi-Hollow 594 Citrus Glow Smoked Burst!!

    Yo, Pete! First off, that looks like and specs like something I would do, you know, if I was ever going to do a 594. (Which is still not totally outside the realm of possibility) Although I'm more of a "wild flame Eastern maple" fan than a quilt fan. Anyway it looks killer and I bet it sounds at...
  9. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    No, the pic should appear right away in the box in which you're writing the post. What you're talking about is exactly what happens when I'm posting from an iPad. There may be something in the settings which is causing the issue, but I'm not sure.
  10. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    If you're on a computer, there should be an icon of a "picture" in the menu just above the text window -- just to the right of the smile icon. Click on that and insert the link to your photo, then click the blue "insert" button. It can be trickier if you're working from a smartphone or...
  11. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Like this. Bit of a BBQ top, but yeah. That'll do.
  12. kingsleyd

    The CU24 - Always A Righteous Instrument

    Righteous, indeed. In terms of "getting it right," though, while I've played (and owned) plenty of early CUs (prior to when there was a "24" designation because there was no "22" version) that simply weren't all that great, this one has something special. I've brought it to my favorite PRS...
  13. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Oh and hey, Pete, nice grab on the korina. Two thumbs up! :)
  14. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    To go back to the discussion from a few pages ago, here's a Famous Guitar Player (the guy on the left) with the '52/'59 conversion that used to be mine. Amber's current owner is on the right, holding another of his recent acquisitions, a vintage D'Angelico... ...besides having those and a bunch...
  15. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    It's really a question of preference, and how you use your volume & tone controls. For a "set it and forget it" type, the independent wiring method might be preferable. But note the caveat in the linked Premier Guitar article - one result of independent wiring is a noticeable loss of treble when...
  16. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    No, that was my crazy-flame R9. Which had had the neck reshaped, boutique pickups & electronics, the whole nine yards, but it wasn't a conversion. The conversion is a couple of orders of magnitude better.
  17. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Thanks for the compliments! Of course this all came up after spending a long weekend in the same room, playing all day, with Steve Kimock. A brutal reality-check about how far I have to go... ...of course 40+ years of night-in, night-out gigging, in all kinds of contexts, and where really...
  18. kingsleyd

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Kingsley weighs in... There are really two different things going on here. One is the scale length. It's sort of shocking how much difference even very small differences make there. Of course you also have to factor in string diameter and tension, all that. To really dial in the...
  19. kingsleyd

    PS Rosewood necks and swamp ash bodies?

    Speaking of my KingsleyDGT (PS #3825), that one was built to DGT specs but with the aforementioned Honduran RW neck (and a coco bolo fingerboard), a korina back, and a wild flamed eastern maple top. Although the bass is just a little woolly, overall it's a great-sounding guitar, especially for...