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    Modern Eagle I: RPs vs 57/08s

    I have a few ME1s over the years I have tried all the 5x series pickups and all have eventually got their RPs back I find the trick with them is pickup height too high and they become harsh and muddy but find the sweet spot and they are magical, the other point I noticed was all my ME1s...
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    which Prs Modern eagle model is the best ?

    for me the original ME1 ( I currently have 5) 2 SC, 2 DCT and 1 DC HT, I also have an MEIII trem which pops in and out of favour but is a fine guitar too ;-)
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    Prs 513

    Go steady when adjusting pickup height on 513s especially the earlier ones with a pcb if you adjust one screw too much the pcb can flex causing dry joints, intermittent no sound faults so make small adjustmebt to all 4 screws on the humbuckers especially ;-)
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    PRS 513/DC3/305 Pickups

    I have a braz rw necked 513 and two 305s, one is a 21 25th anniversary model the other according to Sound Affects/PRS was made by private stock team for an "artist" who never collected it it has a pull tone pot that S A described as a sweet switch.. When I realised it had no effect on the middle...
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    513 vs BM

    I have both guitars a brw neck 513 and a maple neck/board Brent Mason. They are both very much their own thing, my 513 has been modded with a push push tone to add the bridge pickup to any others selected by the 5 way, I will do a similar mod to the BM next timeI change the strings. The 513 has...
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    Advice needed on PRS

    Hi before swapping pickups try adjusting the height - they get clearer when further from the strings - make small adjustment testing for the sweet spot. The Sgs shorter scale will make the string tension lower (easier bends) try ).5 or 1 grade lower on the PRS for a similar feel. If you have...
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    408 Pickups (408/Brent Mason)

    If you look at the schematic for a sig ltd and a 408 there is a subtle difference (the sig ltd has a cap coupling that the 408 lacks) the Brent mason appears to be similar to the sig ltd (with an extra pickup) I have a sig ltd and find that it gets darker/more compressed as you increase the...
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    DGT coil split resistor question

    if you want to fine tune your single coil sound use a mini trim pots of say 3k3 value instead of a fixed value resistor then adjust to taste ;-)
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    I created a monster that's eating all my guitars... no joke.

    Over the years I have had a lot of guitars - currently down to 21 (17 PRSi) - at one point I had 20 + PRS and over the years have probably had 30 + but every now and then I wish i had one of the many I have let go. So now if I am not playing a particular guitar I just leave it in the rack...
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    Amps, Settings, Tone & Other Stuff

    I found this a few years ago and it seems to work with most amps I have come across, the aim (as far as I can see) is to detect the points where an amps responsiveness changes, this then make playing changes (volume touch etc) more responsive making expressive playing easier, each amp (I have...
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    6V6 tubes?

    Carr Slant 6V has 4 6v6s, 2 cathode biased, 2 fixed biased, you can use either pair or all 4 for 18, 22 or 40 (very loud) watts. 2 channels completely independent, great amps (have 4 various ages and configurations) along with PRS, Two Rock, Marshall, Rivera (Venus 6 another 4x 6v6 amp but it...
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    Pulled the trigger on a Paul's amp.. And there's and issue..

    had a similar noise issue on a Carr Slant 6v, only on clean channel (channels are completely individual on Slant), problem only present when volume turned up which implied first half valve circuit and tone stack. Not the valve, so theory/experince implied 100k anode resistor was most likely...
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    Custom 50 combo reverb hum

    I think it maybe pickup from the transformers, I solved it on mine by moving the reverb tank into the speaker enclosure. I have seen a similar issue with Two Rock Custom Reverb heads if the reverb tank is fitted the wrong way round the tranformers induce mains hum into the reverb .
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    Are there any PRS guitars that successfully delve into stratocaster territory?

    of the ones I have the 305 and nf3 can get pretty close (especially if you drop the pickups down ) at their normal pisition they tend to be much hotter than the average strat
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    good question, I asked PRS support all they could tell me was that it was a single cut, the shop I bought it from ( in the States I am in the UK)claimed it was private stock but as it has no signatures on the the back of the head stock / supports response I doubt that, the only clue I have is a...
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    Full thickness singlecut trem satin finish, with Hum (originally tapable #7), Anderson stacked single coil & P90, unfinished hog neck plays like a dream , huge range of tones
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    What model do I have?w

    before you change out the Rps play with the height they are very sensitive to pickup height, get it right and they can sound great, great looking guitar by the way
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    Modern eagles

    The trick with the RPs is pickup height, they have to be one of the most height sensitive pickups I have come across. I have 4 ME1s and have changed out the pickups on a couple (57/08, 53/10 & 59/09 have all been tried) just give different flavors not necessarily better just different, as stated...
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    Sell me on Brent Mason

    Not tried a Brent Mason - not too many in the UK, though I have to admit I fancy the idea, however I do have a 408 sig limited , MEIII and a couple of NF3s, I have never managed to bond with strats and I have tried lots (sound great when I sell them and someone else plays them ) for me if I am...