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  1. Bilbo Jangles

    R.I.P. David Bowie

    I was shocked when I read about this. He was an incredible artist, always searching for new ways to express himself through various genres of music. Long live the "Thin White Duke"!
  2. Bilbo Jangles

    Happy Holidays...

    Happy holidays, everyone!
  3. Bilbo Jangles

    New to PRS and New PRS

    Welcome to the forum. I'm new myself and I almost bought that model. I love the look of the sapphire against the black back and neck. It works for me. Enjoy!:)
  4. Bilbo Jangles

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 Inductees

    Wow! Thanks a lot. Certainly didn't mean to offend anyone. But, I have to say, I don't see it as being any less humorous than your avatar. However, if an apology is in order, then I'm sorry for the affront.
  5. Bilbo Jangles

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 Inductees

    So, you're saying that Yes was ( ahem ) "close to the edge"? Perhaps they couldn't be seen as they stood in the "heart of the sunrise". What the heck, we could go "roundabout" with this all day. Right? Um.....OK...I guess I'm done. ;)
  6. Bilbo Jangles

    Ask for a New Colot!

    How about... Acapulco Gold Burst...or maybe Cheeto Fingers...........Alessandra Ambrosio cheeks would be a lovely color. :o
  7. Bilbo Jangles

    Private Stock Friday

    This is the definition of AWESOME! Absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Bilbo Jangles

    New member

    Welcome to the forum from another newbie. Can't wait to see the pics. :)
  9. Bilbo Jangles

    New Satin Vela Day!

    Very nice! PRS should hire you to do their photos. You make me want one. :)
  10. Bilbo Jangles

    Show your SE!

    [/URL][/IMG] It's a 2015 model but new to me. Can't understand why someone didn't like it. [/URL][/IMG] Had to put my old Squier in the shot. Didn't want it to feel like a jilted lover. (Guitars are people too)
  11. Bilbo Jangles

    For the eyes of PRS staff! How about? Suggestions for new SE models. Starting with...

    I'd like to see the boys & girls at WMIC wire up some decent versions of the 408 pups. I think an SE408 would be sweet.
  12. Bilbo Jangles

    New member and NGD - DGT GT

    Beautiful ! :top:
  13. Bilbo Jangles

    If you could have......

    Just curious to know what others think. If you could have any core model represented in an S2 or even an SE, what would it be? As for me, I'd like to see a less expensive version of a 408.
  14. Bilbo Jangles

    My PRS 58/15 Limited : Load of pictures

    Black Gold is one of my favorite finishes. Stunningly beautiful! Enjoy.
  15. Bilbo Jangles

    The "Name" Thread

    Hi, I'm Bob. And I want to be locked up in Dave's Guitars for a week just playing everything! :p22: :angelus: :408: :408mt: :2channelh: :biggrin:
  16. Bilbo Jangles

    EVH PRS - project #1

    Dude. LOVE! that paint job. Is it factory custom or aftermarket?
  17. Bilbo Jangles

    You Know You're Desperate When...

    I feel for ya, brother. I'll have an extra cup of coffer in the morning just for you. :coffee:
  18. Bilbo Jangles

    NGD Singlecut trem

    It's a pretty thing either way, but, I like it better with the covered pickups. Looks more vintage (like me).
  19. Bilbo Jangles

    I Buy Stupid Crap

    In the mid 70's I'd been into The Stones and Zepplin, and I was just getting into Springsteen. I didn't get Kiss at all. But, looking back, they came up with some really memorable riffs. So, let your freak flag fly. Put that sucker up on your mantle and let it shine throughout the holidays...