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  1. wardog

    Private Stock Friday

    Want, so Want!!!!!!!!
  2. wardog


    i assume the order number is the ticket number?
  3. wardog

    Wiring on an old wafer 5-way PS 1985 Repro.

    i honestly think it might be a good idea to contact the PTC group at prs. I believe there is a schematic on the support link of the site, which could help depending on you knowledge of wiring.
  4. wardog

    Removing the pickup cover of a 57/08

    you can remove it but there will be wax on the pickup possibly. Also it will not be a squabbin ( square pickup like the neck in your pick)
  5. wardog

    Zack Meyer Tuners Turn Ratio, No Mod replacements

    i found tone pro replacements on eBay, and they are locking tuners
  6. wardog

    Tremonti pickup help

    Question, what wiring schematic you plan to use?
  7. wardog

    Tremonti pickup help

    GET A MIRA BASS!!!! It works very well with the Tremonti bridge and I think you can use it with the 5 way blade setup. The Mira is also a 4 lead wire setup for coil tapping.
  8. wardog

    Private Stock Friday

    How much does the fly bling add!!!!!
  9. wardog

    What to get next?

    513 I will be getting mine out of the case later today for some personnel time together.....
  10. wardog

    se cu 24 tunning knobs.

    Try or
  11. wardog

    Your top three models or special runs produced?

    ME Quattro--53/10 pickup rules them all!!!! 513 CE reissue
  12. wardog


    NAWICE, makes we want to try bass guitar again!!!!
  13. wardog

    PRS Vela - neck pickup dropping

    i saw you post in the other thread. I think the op in that one settled on glue. But since you have an S2 from sweetwater, I would contact them for help.
  14. wardog

    Neck pickup height drops while playing

    he used super glue. check posts just before yours.
  15. wardog

    Guitar setup help

    i used to use my lap and steady hands and strong arms!!!!!! :)
  16. wardog

    Guitar setup help

    here is what I am working with so far. finally got some peg board hardware and moving fabric to get the area guitar friendly. Don't need any new dings!!!!!. I think I can fit a vise on the right side with the room I have after cleaning up the area.
  17. wardog

    Pickup Rings - PRS SE Custom 24

    i was able to get real close. The fact that the SE screws are bigger,helped alot.
  18. wardog

    Guitar setup help

    The guitar tech I use, swears by it. I guess with all the guitars he sees daily and the fact he builds his own basses, it's a must have
  19. wardog

    Guitar setup help

    I too have a wrecked out work area in the basement next to the furnace!!!. Reminds me of shop class in college with the noise LOL. Maybe why I like the spot so much. I guess I missed the window too on spring cleaning. Well, I will be hitting homedepot for some stuff to get my new work space...
  20. wardog

    Pickup Rings - PRS SE Custom 24

    I hit the local hardware chain, (Home depot) with a screw to match replacements