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    I had them as a kid and they came back in my 30s. they happen as frequently as 15 a month. I take a small dose of imatrex and I have tried tons of prophylactic meds (beta blockers, etc) I am now taking nortriptyline, roboflavin, and magnesium. I just added magnesium and it seemed to help a lot...
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    are the silver sky se models being changed?

    Dave's has tons of used ones in. I think they are about $200 off new.
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    Did prs ever make a semi or hollowbody with a wide thin neck?

    The SE 22 Semi-hollow has a wide thin neck in the most recent model years. I wish I could get a hollow body with a wide thin. I play the SE hollowbody II with the wide fat and it isn't too bad. The Ibanez hollowbodies and archtops have pretty thin necks.
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    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    I'm gonna be the weirdo and say Gibson Goldtone Super. I've been in love with the cleans from Trace Elliot Velocettes since I first played through one at GC. I was searching for one I could afford for quite a while. I drove all the way to Green Bay to buy the Goldtone. It is way more amp than...
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    Guys who bought the MIC hollowbodys...are you still diggin them??

    Well I tried some low output PAFs from a small maker in upstate NY, Manlius with A-III magnets, they didn't quite give me the lush sound i was looking for. I ended up with Seth Lovers, which surprised me as to how much I love the tone. The neck gives me pretty much exactly what I was looking...
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    Guys who bought the MIC hollowbodys...are you still diggin them??

    I love mine. I went with some more PAF style pickups for the warmer jazz tone I am trying to perfect.
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    Prs Petrecca Prototype?

    Personally I am intrigued. Not as weird as say Parker archtops. In the world of Archtops I am always searching for something a little more contemporary, less emphasis on excessive ornamentation. Cleaner if you will. This fits with my utter disdain for vintage tuners, or those hideous art deco...
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    Silver Sky SE bridge questions

    Yep decked from the factor. You can float it if you want to though. I am not thrilled with the saddles, but it holds tune really well.
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    Color of PRS Silver Sky SE (Stone Blue)

    The blue is not bright, it‘s a grey blue. I like it.
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    Silver Sky SE inbound

    Your gonna like it. It’s the best version of a Strat.
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    What is your favorite amp?

    Gibson Goldtone Super
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    Custom 24 with tune-o-matic!

    I would love a stoptail cu24.
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    Silver Sky SE inbound

    The axe is here and it’s pretty great. I tweaked the neck to almost flat, the action was pretty spot on from the factory. The trem is oversprung right now. Did you guys adjust to floating?
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    Silver Sky SE inbound

    Kinda stoked. Should show up at GC on Wednesday. I’m trying to find the right strap for a stone blue SS. Anyone have any ideas?
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    Still waiting for mine from GC, it’s been not quite three months. They told me end of May, but I was hoping they’d surprise me.
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    Just picked up a PolyTone Mini Brute

    As a side note, the reverb circuit is on the circuit board, it just needs to be populated. That would require finding some parts and/or equivalents. I’d also need to mount a pot on the panel, which might be too much alteration.
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    Just picked up a PolyTone Mini Brute

    It’s amazing what $10 of knobs will do.
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    Just picked up a PolyTone Mini Brute

    So I went to work on the Polytone. These amp have always been workhorse amps, ver utilitarian. Prized for their clean tone and headroom. Yes there are better options, Henricksens for example, which are pretty expensive. I thought Polytones deserve some love and should look a little more...
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    Over spend on an SE? Lol, check out mine!!

    Ok my SE CU24 has Mann locking tuners and trem, USA pots and nut, switch craft switch, Bare Kuckles Stormy Mondays, and mahogany back covers. If I had paid retail for the pickups I think we’d be close.
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    Locking tuners for SE Silver Sky?

    If I had the money I’d do phase threes, but I don’t so I bought a set of ratios with the adapter plates. I have an aversion to vintage tuners, I honestly think they look cheap on instruments as nice as PRS.