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  1. Mattldm

    New Dusty Waring DW CE24 Hardtail

    So which dealer did you buy from? It’s ok to say That’s odd that Peach guitars in UK has them in stock but no us dealers have them listed yet. (At least on reverb).
  2. Mattldm

    New Dusty Waring DW CE24 Hardtail

    Which us dealer has one?
  3. Mattldm

    PRS S2 10th Anniversary McCarty 594 - there's your sleeper !

    Yeah but the new SE were in stores days after the announcement… if the dealer I ordered from would have just been upfront I wouldn’t be so bent.
  4. Mattldm

    PRS S2 10th Anniversary McCarty 594 - there's your sleeper !

    I hope not, I was told “soon” when I placed my order the day they released. I feel a little bamboozled if it’s going to be months. :mad:
  5. Mattldm

    prs custom SE 24 08 quality issue

    That’s pretty gnarly looking, that would bother me for sure. I’d return it.
  6. Mattldm

    PRS S2 10th Anniversary McCarty 594 - there's your sleeper !

    Anyone heard any updates on these? I’m seeing some stores listing them as available next week and some showing end of march.
  7. Mattldm

    Has anyone here played a 594 SE yet?

    There’s a bunch of them on stock and available on reverb and I think sweetwater sold all the ones they had. So someone has them! Lol
  8. Mattldm

    Question about colour fading

    Yeah my 2019 trampas green CE is definitely faded to a darker shade of grey/green then when it was new
  9. Mattldm

    PRS S2 10th Anniversary McCarty 594 - there's your sleeper !

    McCarty burst. So far I’ve only seen the McB and red listed anywhere but I was told all colors will be available on the anniversary’s
  10. Mattldm

    New PRS SE 594 models

    Well I’ve wanted a 594 since they released the S2’s and I just never pulled the trigger, glad I held out until today ;)
  11. Mattldm

    PRS S2 10th Anniversary McCarty 594 - there's your sleeper !

    Already ordered :cool: should be arriving “soon” ‍
  12. Mattldm

    New PRS SE 594 models

    The price isn’t that bad… the regular S2 594 is $1950. The LT pickups are $500 if you buy separately, the us wiring is $50-$75. And you get mother of pearl birds which i think look cool. It’s a win!
  13. Mattldm

    Trem springs

    I thiniking of setting up my 2019 ce24 in Eb with 10’s. What will work better, leaving 4 springs and loosening the claw or dropping to three springs and tightening the claw. (It’s currently in factory std setup e with 4 springs)
  14. Mattldm

    Color Help Needed

    Well sort of on topic… what’s this new Lake Blue color for 2022. Is it an old color brought back or is it brand new? No one seems to be talking about it.
  15. Mattldm

    Prs SE quality?

    mine was also a 35th anniversary and had many of the same problems you listed. Plus poor wiring and gobs of solder all over the switch so it was shorted out and wouldn’t switch, all pickups on all the time. Really disappointing for an anniversary model to be getting to customers in that state...
  16. Mattldm

    Core Custom 24 vs CE

    I was just wondering if anyone has both or played both back to back. How much difference is there really? Aside from neck material tuners and bridge they are mostly the same. I have a 2019 CE that I love but I’ve been looking at custom 24’s lately and wonder if it’s an upgrade or a side grade...
  17. Mattldm

    Prs SE quality?

    I also recently had a bad experience with an SE. lots of things wrong with it... I was able to fix them all but they shouldn’t have made it to the customer on a $1000 guitar. It turned me off to that guitar so much I sold it in less than a month
  18. Mattldm

    Fretboard issues on se custom 24

    I would bet that many many SE guitars passed straight from the factory to dealers last year as the Maryland factory was closed for months. I’m assuming but i think it’s fair assessment as I also had a SE that had so many problems (I was able to fix mod of them myself but it made me less than...
  19. Mattldm

    US Made 85/15 Pickups ...

    My 2019 CE is the brightest guitar I own. Not dark or muddy in the least