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    Cream rings for a 594?

    Is this set what you are looking for? If so, send me a PM and I'll get them to you.
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    Any DC3 Owners?

    I received this a few days ago and am really enjoying it. I like the feel of the neck finish and the jumbo frets. Any other owners? Likes/dislikes?
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    Show me the best PRS mahogany top

    More photos, please!
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    Show me the best PRS mahogany top

    And another Thinline:
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    Looking for smoked black hardware
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    New McCarty Issues

    There is a set screw that goes thru the rear of the bridge and to the bridge stud to adjust the overall intonation. Since you didn't remove the bridge before turning the screw you may have that set screw dragging on the post of the bridge stud. Try removing the bridge off the studs and see if...
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    Any interest in a core standard?

    2005 McCarty Standard. Great guitar.
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    Anyone else here...

    I've had my AX3 for over two years. I use it every day. Very versatile.
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    S2 McCarty 594 Fretwire

    The ivory tuner buttons above are sold by PRS as a replacement part for phase III tuners. Looks like they're not compatible with S2 tuners:
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    S2 McCarty 594 Fretwire

    Thanks for the comments. The idea for the tuner button change came from this forum. The look is much better IMHO. I'm not sure why the change in the switch tip and lampshade knob color on the S2. The core colors are more in keeping with the body color.
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    S2 McCarty 594 Fretwire

    Thank you.
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    S2 McCarty 594 Fretwire

    I have both a core 594 and an S2 594. The fret size and profile looks to be the same on both -- about 0.1065" x 0.055" with "school bus" top profile like a Les Paul. They're both 2020 models.
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    Truss rod QQ

    Looks just like my guitars. I also have the "1003" stamped under the TRC. A 2019 and a 2020 core model
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    Black Friday Scores!

    I saw that listing too and almost jumped on it. If what you receive matches the photo, you got a great deal. Please report back on what shows up.
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    My #1 is an S2 Standard 22....all stock, crazy right.....

    Kind of the same here. I have two core 594s. About two months ago I added an S2 Standard 22 in Antique White that I happened to pick up at a store. I knew it was coming home with me immediately. The S2 is a lot of fun. Easy to play, comfortable and sounds great. It's a keeper.
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    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

    Good point. I need to start looking for #3!
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    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

    Two here.
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    Locking Tuners for SC-245

    Gotoh makes two different styles of drop-in replacements. The (IMHO) easier to use type is called: "Gotoh SD90-MGT-SL Magnum Lock Vintage Style Locking tuners". Available from several sources.
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    594 Vs DGT Neck

    I have both. I like both, but they are different. The 594 neck feels a little more "chunky", but in a very good way. There is a measurable difference as far as nut width. By my measurements, the 594 is 3/64" wider string spacing than the DGT.