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  1. clcwarlock

    Neck reshape

    I used to want only certain neck shapes until I tried an experiment. I put all other guitars away except the one with the neck in question and I would play it every day for a month or two. You will adapt and learn to love it You may even feel like you like it more than the others after 2 months...
  2. clcwarlock

    PRS Dual Action Truss Rod Question

    Thanks, Bodia is correct. The single truss rod has threads on each end. The nut is not removable and attached at the top. So basically two sets of threads with two nuts and a welded nut at the end that turns the whole rod. The only thing I am not sure about now is what kind of a curved channel...
  3. clcwarlock

    PRS Dual Action Truss Rod Question

    I have always been under the impression that my core PRS guitars have a dual truss rod system in the neck. What I mean by this is 2 rods installed as one piece, one being shorter than the other that can provide back bow turning the nut tight or can provide relief loosening the nut. So I am...
  4. clcwarlock


    Sweet McCarty Paul. There must be a very thin line between 10 top and non 10 top. I just snagged a Hollowbody II 594 that is a non 10 top and I was shocked it wasn’t, but wallet can tell.
  5. clcwarlock

    Flaws in Custom 24

    I honestly don't remember paying shipping but the cloudy part for me was buy the volume know and along the neck where the rosewood joins the fingerboard. It may be easier to just plan a trip to the PRS experience 2018 and drop it off.
  6. clcwarlock

    When will my guitar arrive?

    It's amazing how fast time flies when your not waiting on a custom guitar.
  7. clcwarlock

    Flaws in Custom 24

    I have the same color and mine was a 2012. It was refinished under warranty. If you let it go it will spread all over. Bite the bullet pay the shipping and wait for it to come back. Mine has been good with no issues for a few years now since the refinish.
  8. clcwarlock

    Tremol-No Users?

    I use a tremol-no on my custom 24. You want to g t the clamp type. Install wasn't that bad, you just have to adjust the screws until you don't feel it using the trem. Then lock down.
  9. clcwarlock

    C.L. Clark New Music Video - Blood Stained Night

    Hi all, If you get a chance, check out the latest video off my album Immortal. Thanks, Chris Blood Stained Night My Web Site
  10. clcwarlock

    Who here has an obscene amount of guitars?

    But you have bought and sold hundreds
  11. clcwarlock

    Telecaster tone hunt

    I have the Vela and I recently bought a fender Baja telecaster, which is great. The Vela can get close. I have been playing both through a fender 57 custom shop deluxe amp and I can tell you the vela neck pickup through that amp is awesome Bridge sounds are different.
  12. clcwarlock

    D'Addario D'Documentary - Behind the scenes with Chappers

    Nice documentary, I really like the new NYXL strings but I haven't experimented with balance tension yet.
  13. clcwarlock

    Picky, picky..

    Vaughn, If you want to hear some new music check out my new album. It is on Iheartradio and Spotify now. C.L. Clark - Immortal. Immortal is a concept album and the lyrics are on my website if Interested. It's metal kinda like Anthrax, Iron Maiden etc...
  14. clcwarlock


    My favorite model is the Custom 24. It is the one guitar that I cant do without. It has just enough of everything I need.
  15. clcwarlock

    Worldwide Release of C.L. Clark Immortal Today March 16th

    Thank you all for your support. Available at: iTunes Amazon CDBaby
  16. clcwarlock

    C.L. Clark Immortal Overture 1897 Album Trailer

    Get it on iTunes, Amazon or CDBaby Wednesday 3-16-16
  17. clcwarlock

    C.L. Clark Immortal Official Video

    I happen to use my Suhr guitar on this song but if you look close you will see my PRS guitar strap. Also, it was double tracked with my Custom 24.
  18. clcwarlock

    Clcwarlock (C.L. Clark) Music Page

    I'm definitely going to try and make it, just gotta work out some details. June 3rd is my anniversary so maybe the wife will be coming with me.
  19. clcwarlock

    Clcwarlock (C.L. Clark) Music Page

    Don't know if this is the right place to put it but I made a music page to keep people informed of my new album featuring my PRS 25th Anniversary Custom 24. Hope to see all you guys at the experience this year.