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  1. Atomic

    NGD - 2017 PRS Vela

  2. Atomic


    I like how you put that vase in there.. makes it look more legit. :D
  3. Atomic

    NGD!!! And updated music room pics!

    Dude what in the world do you need all those cabs for? “Next week on ‘Hoarders’” :D
  4. Atomic

    PRS Custom 24 for Jazz!

    I played some good sounding jazz chords on a drumstick with a rubber band stretched around it. It’s all about perspective really.
  5. Atomic

    Accidental NGD... the EG

    I found the neck to be pretty good. I have a ‘95 cu24 with a “regular carve” neck and I found the neck on the se eg to be similar if not a hair narrower at the nut.
  6. Atomic

    Accidental NGD... the EG

    Awesome sauce. I had two of those. A blue sparkle and a white one. I kinda wish I would have kept one.
  7. Atomic

    Studios & Kids!

    Soooooo where’s the song
  8. Atomic

    Can you help me put a price on this McCarty Soapbar Trem?

    Unfortunately it’s totally worthless. You should send it to me so I can dispose of it for you properly. No need to subject yourself to the stress.
  9. Atomic

    To hear or not to hear.....yep, that’s the question.

    What..??!! :confused: In all s-ear-iousness, I’ve had tinnitus all my life; I was born with it. I’m lucky to have hearing at all. My dad was born with almost complete hearing loss. I definitely have some hearing loss from years of playing music but I probably have more hearing damage from my...
  10. Atomic

    Someone Get Paul His Own Parking Spot

    Why y’all so violent?
  11. Atomic

    Someone Get Paul His Own Parking Spot

    Blind spots
  12. Atomic

    DGT Pickup - White Wire?

    Do the splits
  13. Atomic

    Anyone Own An S2 Starla?

    I almost bought that very one. I stared at it incessantly for days on end and I finally had to stop.
  14. Atomic

    Forum Guitar Poll #1 - the secret sauce.

    cool let’s see where it goes :)
  15. Atomic

    Forum Guitar Poll #1 - the secret sauce.

    Is it one of those things where we all vote on it and contribute to the design in an act of good faith and thinking of the goodwill of others but in the end only the top 1% of income makers can afford it? Or am I thinking of something else? :D Lol
  16. Atomic

    Forum Guitar Poll #1 - the secret sauce.

    Ok maybe I’m dense but what is this forum guitar business?
  17. Atomic

    Where are you from ?

    Am I the only one from New Orleans? :p
  18. Atomic

    New Member

    What be up mayne
  19. Atomic

    PRS SE Custom 24 mini-review

    You need a 513.
  20. Atomic

    Where are you from ?

    Neuvelle Orleans. Vive la France :D