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  1. mojo1fan

    NGD- PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut

    So, if a person wanted to replace the tuners but didn't want to shell out $200 for the Phase III tuners, what might you recommend? I found these on Stew Mac that look like a direct replacement- Kluson tuners
  2. mojo1fan

    NGD- PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut

    I think I have more bags than PRSi right now (have to dig around in my garage). But I wouldn't mind using one of the good Gibson Les Paul padded case/bags, like this one- I have one for a LP Tribute, and they're very nice.
  3. mojo1fan

    NGD- PRS S2 McCarty 594 Singlecut

    My 2021 PRS S2 594 McCarty Singlecut arrived today. Faded blue smokeburst. Looks virtually unplayed on the front, with minor surface scratches on the back. Switch tip was broken, unfortunately. That's a simple fix, new switch is on the way. The pickups were jacked right up as high as they could...
  4. mojo1fan

    SE Starla- what's under the pickguard?

    Cool! Thanks for posting.
  5. mojo1fan

    SE Starla- what's under the pickguard?

    I'm curious about the PU routs under the Starla SE pickguard. I'm thinking about getting one and adding a middle singlecoil pup, custom pickguard, and 5 way switch. Wondering if the guitar has a swimming pool rout or would require routing.
  6. mojo1fan

    305 Neck profile

    Me too. The confusion comes from some listings on ReBay that claim to have Pattern/Wide-Fat necks. I have a feeling they're wrong. No, regular = pattern regular. PATTERN = Wide-Fat.
  7. mojo1fan

    SE 245

    Does the back of the headstock say made in Korea? I'm guessing it does. Either way, $200.00 is a steal.
  8. mojo1fan

    305 Neck profile

    Yeah but Pattern and Pattern Regular are two different necks altogether.
  9. mojo1fan

    305 Neck profile

    Is that why they make different necks, because they're pretty much the same anyhow? o_O
  10. mojo1fan

    305 Neck profile

    I'm trying to find out the neck profile on the now-discontinued 305. Online I've seen wide-fat and I've seen regular. Any info is appreciated.
  11. mojo1fan

    S2 Singlecut 2019 neck profile

    Pattern, pattern regular? I assume it''s not pattern vintage.
  12. mojo1fan

    Let's see those Bernie's

    A poor, old photo of mine. The pickups in the photo are a mockup. I've since installed Fishman Fluence with gold covers.
  13. mojo1fan

    Lets see those Bernies & 245 variants

    Not a great pic, Bernie Marsden Black Beauty.
  14. mojo1fan

    Bernie Marsden Black Beauty

    I was afraid the covers would affect the sound of the Fishmans but if they did, it's negligible.
  15. mojo1fan

    Bernie Marsden Black Beauty

    I've been trying to set this guitar up with gold hardware for a while now. I had everything except the gold pickups. The guitar has Fishman Classic Open Core pickups, and up until recently they did not make them with covers (they recently FINALLY started offering them). So I got some gold covers...
  16. mojo1fan

    SE 245, Need HELP DECIDING

    The SE 245 has a slightly larger neck profile doesn't it? That would be a deciding factor for me.
  17. mojo1fan

    The SE 245 love thread!!!

    Gold top w/ dark back? Is this a refinish?
  18. mojo1fan

    I might trade for an older McCarty but

    I've found an older McCarty at a shop a couple hours away from me. I've done deals with the guy before and he's always made fair trades. I'm considering driving up this weekend to check it out. I have a mint 2015 LP Deluxe Goldtop that I'd offer in trade. It's a great guitar but I'd love a...