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  1. Shrews824

    Broken bird inlay

    No, I haven't messed with it. It's just as it is when I first noticed it. I hasn't gotten any worse... so that's good I guess.
  2. Shrews824

    Broken bird inlay

    I have something very similar on mine. Noticed it after having the guitar for a few days. The guitar hasn't or hadn't been dropped or mistreated as far as I know. I bought it brand new. At first I thought it was a crack or something, then I tried to tell myself that it's just how the pieces...
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    Man, hate to see that. Feel for you for sure.
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    String Gauge - Let's Talk!

    Ernie Ball Regular Slinky's (10-46) in regular tuning for me. I've used those 99.5% of the time I've been playing guitar. When I first started I just grabbed whatever I could find. Fender, EB, D'Addario, etc. Usually anything from 8's to 11's. After becoming more comfortable with guitar I...
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    Wacken Open Air Festival+Band Names

    Gotta say my favorite names were Cattle Decapitation and Vomitory. :) Classic Black Metal!!! \m/ \m/
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    A $20K joke?

    Not really my type of thing, but hey.... whatever floats your boat.
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    What is it about 'em???

    I think you hit the nail on the head there. You said it much better than I ever could!!!
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    SHOW ME YOUR 594.

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    What is it about 'em???

    Hey guys/gals, Just wanted to share my thoughts on something. I know that I'm speaking to the choir here (for the most part) and I'm sure this has been spoken about and written about on this forum ad nauseum, but everyday when I pick up my PRS I am more and more amazed at the playability of...
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    NGD - 2010 Hollowbody II

    Very, very nice. Congratulations on the acquisition.
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    A Compendium Of Truly Terrible Dad Jokes

    One of my dad's favorites: "Why did Mikhail Gorbachev's wife have a baby in just 5 months?" "I don't know, why?" "She was a Russian."
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    What's your pick of choice ?

    I became obsessed with picks for a while. I've always enjoyed trying different sizes, shapes, materials, etc. I've been playing thicker picks for years (always at least 2.0mm or thicker). I REALLY became obsessed with boutique faux tortoise shell picks about 3 years ago. I wanted a real one...
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    it's official!!

    Very nice. Congrats.
  14. Shrews824

    NGD! I guess I'm official now...

    Very nice. Congrats.
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    NGD: My First PRS - CE24 Semi-Hollow

    Congratulations on the acquisition. Beautiful.
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    Had an unfortunate mishap this weekend (battle scars!!!)

    Just a quick update. I found a luthier that is going to fix my guitar. He said it shouldn't be any problem to get it back to being somewhat "normal". I told him it didn't have to be perfect as I don't mind some natural wear and blemishes, but if he could do anything to fix the real deep hit...
  17. Shrews824

    Had an unfortunate mishap this weekend (battle scars!!!)

    I'm going to call a luthier today and send some pics to see if it can be repaired. Thing is, I live in the middle of nowhere Kentucky, so I'm going to have to drive about 70 miles one way to find a luthier to repair it. It'll be worth it to have it looked at though. I'm not too worried about...
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    Had an unfortunate mishap this weekend (battle scars!!!)

    I know. I got really lucky in that regard. Yeah, she's not as pretty as she once was.
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    Had an unfortunate mishap this weekend (battle scars!!!)

    I agree. I've read some discussion on here about the newer PRS strap buttons not being well thought of by some, but I love them. It is a bit hard to get the button through the strap opening, but once you do.... it's set and not going anywhere.