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  1. lurker john

    Custom 22

    Hey all, I'm just looking for opinions on this guitar: I have no place locally to play one of these before buying. I had been considering a CU24, but I've never had a 24 fret guitar before and kind of like the...
  2. lurker john

    First ever CD purchase

    Can't say for sure on the CD, but my first two albums were the debut albums of Boston and the Cars, on vinyl. Bought both at the same time from Tower Records [RIP].
  3. lurker john

    Modified Monday

    Holy crap that's gorgeous! :cool:
  4. lurker john

    None More Black

    Very cool. I don't think I've seen an all black collection before.
  5. lurker john

    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    How does the Pattern Vintage compare to the Patter Regular? Much bigger, just a little bigger?
  6. lurker john

    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    The 594 has a big, fat neck? I'm considering this guitar and the last thing I need is a big, fat neck. Pattern Vintage, correct?
  7. lurker john

    Opinions on this guitar

    Got it. I completely missed that. Thanks guys.
  8. lurker john

    truss rod adjustments - how often should I do it?

    If you're playing it regularly, you don't need to loosen the strings when you put it into its case.
  9. lurker john

    Opinions on this guitar

    Hi all, Just looking for your take on this guitar for sale on Reverb. The pricing is almost too good to be true, but it is what it is. Based on the photos, it looks to be in pretty good condition. I have a question into the seller asking whether it still has the case or not. Thanks for any...
  10. lurker john

    Accidentally bought a DGT

    She's a beauty. The gold top looks great. :cool:
  11. lurker john

    Officially own my 1st of many Prs guitars!

    Congrats on your first PRS!
  12. lurker john

    What guitar that you still own has been in your possession the longest?

    2010 Gibson SG '61 Reissue. Its age pales in comparison to many guitars here. :D
  13. lurker john

    Great New Santana Photograph

    That's a sweet guitar he's holding.
  14. lurker john

    Glen Campbell RIP

    Fabulous guitarist, underappreciated by the a lot of folks. RIP.
  15. lurker john

    Walter Becker...R.I.P.

    Man, this sucks. One of my favorite axemen and one of my favorite bands. 67 is just too young anymore. RIP, Walter.
  16. lurker john

    Traded my P245 for a Cu24.

    Gorgeous. Congrats. :cool:
  17. lurker john

    PRS Derek Trucks fans?

    I still use them. Great guitars. If by enlightened you mean "I only play PRS," there's too many great axes out there to confine myself to one brand. Owning a PRS hasn't made my SG's sound any less great. They're just different.
  18. lurker john

    PRS Derek Trucks fans?

    Man, DT is just phenomenal. Love listening to him play.
  19. lurker john

    PRS Derek Trucks fans?

    Buy an SG. :D