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  1. kes7u

    Marty's tastes improved with time...

    I think that is a trick question. It is only true if the OTHER side did it. Otherwise it is simply laughable. Kevin
  2. kes7u

    Private Stock is fading!!!

    Honest question. It seems that a warranty repair was agreed to on the grounds that your guitar faded inappropriately despite the absence of exposure to sunlight. Now that you realize that the fading was likely the result of repeated and fairly prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, will you...
  3. kes7u

    Hey bud, what’s your problem?

    Sorry. No Gif, video or meme here. Just have to say that I use that quote at least 2 or 3 times a week. For some reason, though, my wife thinks that quoting Fast Times is just inappropriately juvenile for my age. Can't for the life of me figure out where she is getting that from?!?!?! Kevin
  4. kes7u

    Looking for a Dragon I Bridge Pickup - Any ideas where to find one?

    Possibility. I ordered a Private Stock guitar last year with covered Dragon 1 pickups they made just for that guitar. Before it was even delivered, I had them removed by the dealer and replaced with other aftermarket pickups. More recently, I bought a new 594, and had the 58/15 LTs replaced...
  5. kes7u

    Amazing people here

    Thank you everyone for the support! As I mentioned initially, just wonderful and amazing people. I am so comfortable and honestly relieved with the decision at this point. Now every time something in life, but particularly work, pi$$es me off, I just kind of grin knowing I've made the right...
  6. kes7u

    Amazing people here

    Hello! I hadn't planned on posting like this, but felt it would be appropriate. I have already gotten messages from several people checking in on me, as I am selling most of my guitars with Brian. I am still here, and I am OK. My wife and I had a heart to heart recently, and decided it was...
  7. kes7u

    Songs that got even better when covered by another artist

    Disturbed - Sound of Silence Kevin
  8. kes7u

    Songs that got even better when covered by another artist

    Not a lot better, but definitely slightly better! Kevin
  9. kes7u

    Pearl Jam or Soundgarden? Go!

    YES! I was definitely going to say Pearl Jam until you replied. Instead, I'll also go Temple of the Dog!!!! (I WAS going to say Pearl Jam. I slightly prefer Cornell as a singer, but strongly prefer Pearl Jam's overall sound. State of Love and Trust is one of my very favorite songs, to this...
  10. kes7u

    Best rock song of all time? JUST 1! Go!

    YES!! Changes frequently. Right now: Kevin
  11. kes7u

    What a difference 2mm makes

    Regarding the title: That's what she said...... (Oh come on! You all were thinking it!) Kevin
  12. kes7u

    Two Killer Players, PRSes

    Thanks for sharing. Great video. FUN and informative. (Oh. And nice guitars, too!!) Kevin
  13. kes7u

    Bolt on neck question

    Man, I'm getting old. I would have bet money that the original post in this thread was not mine...... Kevin
  14. kes7u

    The Shameful Elephant's in the Room

    Ever since the Silver Sky was announced, and subsequently released, I have felt exactly this way. Kevin
  15. kes7u

    It's 2018: which PRS gets most of your attention?

    This guitar haunts my dreams...... Kevin
  16. kes7u

    MT 15

    Still foaming at the mouth for this one. I would prefer to un-like your post simply because I don't want to wait that long, but not an option!! Kevin
  17. kes7u

    Can I get your thoughts on this limited edition?

    Is this story available anywhere?!?!?! Sounds interesting. Kevin
  18. kes7u

    Photos, let's see 'em

    I've read and heard SO much about that exhibit!!!! Must have been amazing. VERY jealous! Kevin
  19. kes7u

    Photos, let's see 'em

    Fortunately, for me, the latter. Only 2 broken bones in my life. And I hope to keep it that way! Kevin
  20. kes7u

    Photos, let's see 'em

    Finally something on this forum that I'm actually GOOD at! Kevin